Calvin Bush Can you explain the “same format as used on the WB of the Delaware Comp?” Still FIPS-Mouche?
February 5, 2018; 10:22pm EST
Ken Crane We have used this format before. It is still FIPS but instead of one angler controlling another on the bank (not fishing). Both anglers are fishing and controlling each other at the same time. Beats are adjacent so they can see each other at all times and we are only counting fish totals and not measuring them. It means you get to fish for 6 hours instead of 3.
February 6, 2018; 9:29am EST
Calvin Bush Ken Crane, thanks for the information. I am a complete novice at this, but am looking to add some new aspects to my fishing adventures. Sounds like a very convenient method for getting the most time on the stream.
February 6, 2018; 10:01am EST
Ryan Peck Who is hosting?
February 6, 2018; 9:29pm EST
Ryan Peck Who is hosting?
February 6, 2018; 9:29pm EST
Calvin Bush Ken, can we use the "Pay Now" feature thru this site or do we need to have the $20 the day of the comp? Thanks!
February 8, 2018; 1:04pm EST
Ken Crane Either works for me.
February 8, 2018; 1:33pm EST

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