Saluda Striper Slam **(Cancelled)**


 Saluda Striper Slam 

Host Team: Team Stonefly



Jake Howard & Michael Yelton


Date: Saturday July 27 - Sunday July 28


Event Format: 

2 5 hour float sessions. 2 man teams. Bring your own raft. Rafts only, 2 man fly craft or 2 man pontoons are welcome. We will be floating the Upper and Lower Saluda River in Columbia, SC. The Draw will determine your teams launch time. There will be 15 miuntes intervals between launch times. On the day 2 we will flip the start times, so if you launched first on day 1 you will launch last on day 2 and visa versa. Each team will have 5 hours to complete your float based on your launch time. 


Competition Sectors:

Sector 1: Upper Saluda River

Sector 2: Lower Saluda River


Fish: Stripers, Largemouth, Smallmouth, Bluegill 



Friday 7/26/19 Draw at 7pm

Saturday 7/28/19 1st Launch will begin at 8am

Sunday 7/29/19 1st Launch will begin at 8am



Transportation must be provided by competitors.

Shuttle must be provided by competitors.



Medals, Prizes 


Angler limit: 8 boats


Registration Fee:

$200 per team


Host Hotel: 

Irmo, SC - Columbia, SC There are lots of AirB&B, VRBO Rentals or hotels in the area.




No sectors added yet


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Jake Howard Like a jon boat? Have you been on the saluda?
July 3, 2019; 8:51pm EDT
Justin McGrady I have sir. A time or two. My $200 spends the same as the others. I hear y’all good at the fly rod, my vessel won’t help my fly game and won’t hurt any one else’s.
July 3, 2019; 9:15pm EDT
Jake Howard It has more to do with where the starting point and ending point are. You start at the same point as everyone else and you have 5hrs to fish to the take out. No motors. Fly only. This is also a league sactioned event that will count toward the SEFFL leader board. I understand your moneys the same but with the current layout of the comp if you cant get to the starting point without destroying your boat, yourself, or running a motor thru water we're competing in then for your safety its a no go. Lots of people die on this river and theyre usually not running Mill Race Rapid in a jon boat.
July 3, 2019; 10:34pm EDT
Justin McGrady thank you for your concerns there Jake. Please humble your self a moment. You’re not talking to an amateur here boss. But with all you said I suppose my biggest question would be, does the SEFFL not support fishing from power driven vessel?
July 3, 2019; 11:25pm EDT
Jake Howard They do but it doesnt work with the format of the tournament. Im humble Justin. I just dont think you understand the format.
July 3, 2019; 11:47pm EDT
Jake Howard Look at you dm in insta justin
July 3, 2019; 11:57pm EDT
Jake Howard Alright! How many more teams would sign up if we allowed any drift boat? This would call for a format change.
July 4, 2019; 6:59pm EDT
Jake Howard Alright guys. Ive got a few folks that want to do this but havent signed up. We are going to have to make a decision this week whether to cancel or not. If we do get enough then i need entry fees also.
July 10, 2019; 9:25am EDT
Adam Chapiesky Me and Reagan Norris are in gonna register next week
July 12, 2019; 7:49pm EDT
Jake Howard Sorry guys. Due to lack of interest or the boat restriction, what ever it may be, we are going to have to cancel this comp. 4 boats are not enough to make it worthwhile. We will look at another date, maybe spring, to try again. Go find someone with a raft! This river really is special but its almost impossible to make it fair to all anglers without one so we can access the same stretches.
July 15, 2019; 10:56pm EDT
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