Jake Brewster Who do we need to pay for this event?
January 3, 2020; 12:31pm EST
CHRIS ABELLANA Please pay Mike Slay using the following info:
January 3, 2020; 2:33pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender for open registration. No one make payment until Chris confirms your spot with you.
January 5, 2020; 4:02pm EST
CHRIS ABELLANA Correct...DO NOT PAY until I confirm your registration.
January 5, 2020; 4:31pm EST
Adam Hamilton Any idea when to expect confirmation?
January 5, 2020; 7:25pm EST
CHRIS ABELLANA Once registration is full, we will evaluate the team angler situation first then move to unaffiliated anglers next. As far as a timeframe for confirmation, no ETA yet.
January 5, 2020; 7:30pm EST
CHRIS ABELLANA Again, please do NOT send payment to Mike until you receive a confirmation from me.
January 5, 2020; 10:54pm EST
CHRIS ABELLANA Please put you and your teammates name in the team name section.
January 6, 2020; 9:15pm EST
CHRIS ABELLANA All anglers have been confirmed. Please pay Mike Slay via his PayPal account.
January 8, 2020; 10:45am EST
Jake Brewster Did mike get my payment I had sent it in presale when I first asked who to pay, it shows I paid but just wanted to confirm it or if I needed to do it again
January 8, 2020; 6:31pm EST

Comp will be POSTPONED UNTIL APRIL 18/19. The Hatch Camp comp will be moved to a different date. April 18/19 is NOT Easter weekend. It is the weekend after Easter.

Reason for postponing:
After several weeks of independent fishing reports and having fished it with my team this weekend (Jan 12), the Hooch's fishabilility is not worth your time, travel, and, most importantly, the money you would spend for a two-day event. I also fished Smith's and that is not a great option either, so we will wait until the weather and fishing conditions improve. We want everyone to have a good time and to enjoy the comp.

Please look at your calendars and let me know if you can still make the event.

Thank you for your patience. If you would like to contact me, please call me on my cell.

Thank you,
Chris Abellana
January 13, 2020; 6:39am EST
CHRIS ABELLANA Good evening everyone. Team Georgia has come to the very difficult decision to cancel the Winter Bash Comp scheduled for April 18/19. We want to make sure that we adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines so that we keep all anglers, organizers, and volunteers safe and healthy.

All anglers that have paid their entry fees will be refunded their money via the method received (i.e. PayPal or Venmo).

As of right now, there is NO DATE in mind for rescheduling. Thank you for your patience and please keep you and your families safe and healthy.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,
Chris Abellana
March 25, 2020; 8:36pm EDT

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