Lewis Hirsch Any ideas for the final venue
November 28, 2022; 7:56pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Trying to get a 4th private venue that maintains the target price or close to it for entry.
If one does not align in that fashion. Montaluce will become an upper and lower venue.
As it stands there will be 3 beats at each venue, and 8 flights. These will be large beats.
November 28, 2022; 8:16pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Will have payment information up for folks to submit their whole or half payments in for the event by tomorrow evening.
November 28, 2022; 8:17pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Payments: Please send payments via venmo: Benvan77
paypal: (friends and family please to avoid fees)
$250.00 per two man team. ($125 per angler)
Half payment due by December 5th to hold registration spot. Full payment due by December 31st.
November 29, 2022; 1:08pm EST
Randy Seller Hey Y’all! Selling my H3 8wt (used twice) with brand new 3-Tand reel and brand new SA Amplitude line. The reel and line have never been fished. Lemme know if your interested. Considering all reasonable offers. Randy Seller -
November 30, 2022; 11:49am EST

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