Luc Martin will there be only be creek sessions ?
February 12, 2024; 10:28am EST
Zac Sexton Right now that’s all we are planning for. There is a chance we can do a reservoir near Clear Creek, but we haven’t finalized it, yet.
February 19, 2024; 10:36am EST
Luc Martin Do we have to fish the comp the day before to fish in this one
March 6, 2024; 11:04am EST
Zac Sexton Luc, that is ideal so our numbers stay the same, but maybe we can get someone to fish the other event. It's not required. Also, we are looking at some other lake venues, fishing from shore.
March 6, 2024; 11:36am EST
Louis Kile I like the creeks. The creeks are fine
April 13, 2024; 10:30pm EDT

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