Roger Wilson $100 due at registration, remainder due Oct 1. If spots are available after Oct 1 please pay in full at registration.
July 14, 2023; 4:53pm EDT
Joseph Kwolek k, I just sent full payment.. Let me know if you see it?
July 15, 2023; 8:45am EDT
Roger Wilson Got it Joe. Thanks!
July 15, 2023; 11:12am EDT
Roger Wilson Several teams have paid their first half entry fee due at registration and several have not. If you have registered and havnt paid, please send in your first half ($125) as soon as you can to avoid being removed. Thanks
August 13, 2023; 8:42pm EDT
Clinton Hymer Where do I send payment
August 29, 2023; 11:08pm EDT
Clinton Hymer Where do I send payment
August 29, 2023; 11:08pm EDT
Brandon Russell I'll send in half in a few days!
August 29, 2023; 11:11pm EDT
Shannon Young Good morning Roger , where do we send payment? Thank you
September 10, 2023; 5:31am EDT
Roger Wilson If you go to registration, there is a link by your name to send payment.
September 10, 2023; 8:14am EDT
Roger Wilson Only one angler from each two man team needs to register
September 12, 2023; 10:51pm EDT
Roger Wilson We will start deleting teams that havnt paid at least the initial registration fee by the end of this week. Thank you to all that have!
September 12, 2023; 10:56pm EDT
Josh Kwolek I am fishing for my dad
September 14, 2023; 12:25pm EDT
Roger Wilson Brandon, are you and Clinton fishing together or do each of you have different partners?
September 14, 2023; 4:57pm EDT
Scott Asbill Registration fee has been paid for Scott and Dave
September 14, 2023; 7:01pm EDT
Brandon Russell I'll be with my papaw/Caroll Brown
September 14, 2023; 11:02pm EDT
Joseph Kwolek Kevin Crenshaw is my partner
October 15, 2023; 4:05pm EDT
Kevin Crenshaw Josh Kwolek is my partner
October 18, 2023; 10:49am EDT
Roger Wilson Beat Draw and meeting 6:30pm at REO this Friday.
October 19, 2023; 8:53am EDT
Robin Lewis Start time has been updated
October 19, 2023; 1:43pm EDT

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