Brandon Russell Need to purchase trophy as well or is it given like last series?
January 22, 2021; 10:51pm EST
Michael Bradley Will have to purchase all permits for the event.
January 29, 2021; 2:17pm EST
Chad Rosser I am new to this event. Any advice you would give? Any restrictions on type of flys we can use or methods?
February 7, 2021; 11:17pm EST
Lewis Hirsch I believe this event fallows the rules put in place by Fips Mouche with the exception of allowing squrmy worms.
February 8, 2021; 11:39am EST
Michael Bradley Lewis is correct. It is a modified FIPS competition with the only modification being that squirmies are legal to fish. All flies must barbless and have a bead no larger than 4.0mm. No articulated streamers.
February 8, 2021; 12:15pm EST
Bulltrout47 Arnold From Montana new to all of this. I’d like to know more information on where this tournament actually is and what it’s about. Very interested in competing, but unsure about registration, rules, and location.

Thank you,

February 9, 2021; 1:39pm EST
Michael Bradley Jared, the actual competition is in Cherokee NC. You can register though here and it even has a pay now link by your name. This would be a good event to get your feet wet in. Plenty of great anglers to learn from over the course of the weekend, but also a pretty laid back group of guys.
February 10, 2021; 10:30am EST
Stephen Ruiz Is it too late to register?
February 10, 2021; 9:34pm EST
Michael Bradley Not at all. Sign up will end week of event.
February 10, 2021; 10:35pm EST
Stephen Ruiz I signed up and have tried pay via the PayPal button. However, button seems to be inoperable, i.e. it doesn't transfer to PayPal. Thoughts?
Oh, and btw, this will be my first comp! I know I'll get my butt handed to me, but I'm hoping to learn a lot.
Let me know how I can get my entry paid.
February 12, 2021; 3:58pm EST
Michael Bradley The PayPal should be working now. Sorry about that for anyone trying to pay.
February 17, 2021; 8:13pm EST
Michael Bradley Have had several folks get paid up. Please let me know if you need extra time to pay or if you want to pay a different way.
February 24, 2021; 10:11pm EST
Brandon Russell If it works for you I'll pay you in person like I always do when I see you!
February 25, 2021; 8:58pm EST
Brandon Russell If it works for you I'll pay you in person like I always do when I see you!
February 25, 2021; 8:58pm EST
Lewis Hirsch What are the no fish rules if any?
March 1, 2021; 9:43am EST
Chad Rosser Can I pay at the event or another way? I do not have a PayPal account?
March 1, 2021; 4:47pm EST
Michael Bradley Yes. You can pay cash on Saturday morning.
March 2, 2021; 10:09am EST
Michael Bradley No fish period will be Thursday and Friday. So if you want to fish it tomorrow, you’re welcome to. Off limits will be from the bottom of yogi all the way to the top, and the trophy section.
March 2, 2021; 10:11am EST
Chad Rosser Where do we meet Saturday morning?
March 2, 2021; 11:51am EST
Michael Bradley Rivers edge outfitters. They will have someone there to do permits for those in need and also a great place to grab some tippet and a hat.
March 2, 2021; 5:22pm EST
Stephen Ruiz Are dates scheduled for the second tournament in the series? Just trying to plan my next trip
March 3, 2021; 12:33pm EST
Allen Groenewold What time are we meeting Saturday morning?
March 4, 2021; 2:14pm EST
Michael Bradley April 3-4

And we’re meeting at the shop at 6am.
March 4, 2021; 10:12pm EST
Michael Bradley Draw will be up tomorrow at noon so that anglers may go scout a little.
March 4, 2021; 10:12pm EST

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