Mike Yamrick I really hope i can finally make it up here for this one
March 3, 2016; 8:52am EST
Tanner Arthur Ken, I just sent my payment in for fly comps. How long until I'm able to sign up?
April 4, 2016; 9:04pm EDT
Ken Crane You mean Team USA? Fly Comps if a free service. The leagues charge membership fee's. Team USA usually updates their memberships daily. CNY is part of Team USA League. If can sign up for CNY now even if you are not a Team USA member. You will need to be before event but you can sign up now.
April 4, 2016; 9:12pm EDT
Nick Bell I sent payments for both.
May 10, 2016; 7:07am EDT
Mike Ragan Ken
How will the lake venue be run? Two man boats i am guessing?
May 11, 2016; 12:37pm EDT
Ken Crane May be going to all rivers due to some logistics. Will confirm in a week.
May 11, 2016; 1:16pm EDT
Nick Bell What is the Oswego inlet?
May 17, 2016; 12:50pm EDT
Ken Crane Owasco Inlet is a creek that flows into Owasco Lake.
May 17, 2016; 1:02pm EDT
Nick Bell Gotcha thank you
May 17, 2016; 1:03pm EDT
John Anderson I booked a room if anybody is looking. Has a double bed. 53 dollars and the extra bed is yours.
May 24, 2016; 9:07am EDT
Frank Rosata This will be my 1st comp. I look forward to meeting and competing with all of you.
May 24, 2016; 5:11pm EDT
Frank Rosata Is there anywhere to look up rules n regs for the comp??
June 1, 2016; 2:52pm EDT
Frank Rosata John is that bed still available?
June 1, 2016; 2:53pm EDT
Mike Yamrick Frank, the team usa website has a link to the rules and regulations
June 1, 2016; 2:53pm EDT
John Anderson Frank yes it is still available.
June 1, 2016; 3:00pm EDT
John Anderson Check out for me is Sunday morning of the comp. Check in is Friday the day of the draw. I won't get there until between 5 and 630 Friday
June 1, 2016; 3:02pm EDT
John Anderson Room is now taken. Frank is taking it.
June 1, 2016; 4:33pm EDT
John Anderson Room is back to being available.
June 15, 2016; 10:11am EDT
Ben Broscius Awesome comp, Ken. Great job as always!
June 21, 2016; 8:09am EDT

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