Benjamin VanDevender ***Disclaimer*** Any remaining open spots will be filled by team anglers in the registration list. League officials will make final decision for these open spots. This will ensure equal distribution and ratio of spots and team anglers. Unaffiliated anglers may not be included in Cup events to accommodate for team anglers, who receive priority.
January 4, 2020; 11:44am EST
Mike Slay Thomas Perrie will be my partner.
May 17, 2020; 1:07pm EDT
Zach Harbin Nick Schierle is my partner
May 18, 2020; 9:04pm EDT
Joseph Kwolek Josh Kwolek is my partner
May 18, 2020; 10:42pm EDT
Scott Asbill Scott Asbill-Brandon Russell
May 27, 2020; 11:45am EDT
Benjamin VanDevender still missing several payments guys. If you or your partner have not paid please do so by Friday. Registration list will be changed and locked accordingly.
May 27, 2020; 1:28pm EDT
dave braun I will be fishing with Jonathan Jordan
May 28, 2020; 2:00pm EDT
Peyton Bodo Lawson is my partner
May 28, 2020; 2:57pm EDT
Benjamin VanDevender Draw will be done on FB live Thursday night at 8pm via the SEFFL fb page. We will not have a Friday night angler meeting.

All anglers will meet at the cool river tubing upper parking area by Alt 75 bridge at 630am to gather their score trays and packets and for a quick angler meeting before heading to beats.

End of last session Sunday scoresheets will be divided into sets of three and given to Roger Wilson, Chris Abellana, and Ben Vandevender for score entry and verifications/cross checking. Final Scores will be posted later the following week and medals will be mailed to top 3 teams.
May 30, 2020; 9:31am EDT
Benjamin VanDevender Team Dead Drift Paired Teams
Joseph Kowlek and Josh Kwolek
Ellijah Ellis and Kevin Crenshaw
Stephen Tomasovich and Ben Vandevender
May 30, 2020; 9:38am EDT
Tom Shelly Does anyone else have a problem with the pic posted for this event? We have enough politics with all the crazy things going on all around us. Let's stick to fishing.
May 31, 2020; 12:55pm EDT
Kevin Crenshaw I don’t think it was meant to be political. It’s a funny illustration of what we’re all going through and just a way to lighten the mood. I haven’t seen anyone say they have a problem with it and it’s been up for a bit now.
May 31, 2020; 1:16pm EDT
Richard Carbon Team Ga 1-Erik Clymore/Richard Carbon
June 1, 2020; 4:51pm EDT
Benjamin VanDevender The draw will be done Thursday at 8pm via fb live. This draw will be a little different based on how the cup race events will work. Each two man team is ranked based based on their final leaderboard standings the year before combined. This will give 2man teams representing their team a ranking of 1-4. The draw will place the 1s (top ranking 2man teams from each team first) and the rest of the teams will fall in order behind them. 1s,4s from one team will only have 2s,3s, from their team within their flights. This keeps flight stacks, heavily weighted draws with all the best anglers in 1 flight from happening, and distributes each teams representing anglers evenly within all flights. Please message me or Roger Wilson for in-depth description of the process the league admin worked out.

Saturday morning ALL anglers who are judges will meet at the Cool River tubing lot above alt 75 at 630am for score trays and material. Judges will be responsible for the score materials ALL weekend.
June 2, 2020; 2:25pm EDT
Thomas Perrie Any of you boys have an extra BOA cable? Mine broke and all shops are closed. Will Venmo and give a SWEET air high five!
June 5, 2020; 8:21pm EDT
Thomas Perrie Any of you boys have an extra BOA cable? Mine broke and all shops are closed. Will Venmo and give a SWEET air high five!
June 5, 2020; 8:21pm EDT
Thomas Perrie Any of you boys have an extra BOA cable? Mine broke and all shops are closed. Will Venmo and give a SWEET air high five!
June 5, 2020; 8:21pm EDT
Benjamin VanDevender Tallulah river venue address: please put Tate Branch campground in your GPS. It is located on persimmon road Clayton, Ga. We will begin fishing tomorrow at 730am! Please be there in time to be at your beat and ready to fish or judge by 7am.
June 6, 2020; 1:51pm EDT
Benjamin VanDevender posted results will not be official until Wednesday at 9pm
June 8, 2020; 7:20am EDT
Scott Asbill Ben thank you for hosting. It had been many years since I had been to Helen. I made it back to Benson NC, early this morning and now back to work. Great fisherman and even better people. Next time I'm bringing an old school map. I followed a group from F3 and ended up on the top of a mountain. Dave bailed me out. The pucker factor was getting high.

I learned a lot, burned some calories, and caught a few. God bless and tight lines! Scott Asbill
June 8, 2020; 9:06am EDT
CHRIS ABELLANA Thanks Ben for a great event and congrats to all the anglers!

I was glad to get out and see everyone again!
June 8, 2020; 9:08am EDT

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