Benjamin VanDevender Shaping up to be a great event. Thanks to al the sponsors that have stepped up to help make this event one to remember. Crooked Creek Holler RIO PRODUCTS Hazard Fly Fishing LLC Big T Fly Fishinghing Fern Valley on the Soqueue Rising Fishh Montana Fly Companyompany Alpharetta Outfittersitters Mountain Khakisakis Temple Fork Outfitters
December 1, 2017; 1:04pm EST
Carolyn Emery Carolyn Emery / Teresa Malone. Looking forward to this event.
December 5, 2017; 3:28pm EST
Ricky Ozmar Ricky Ozmar /Alex Boyer
December 5, 2017; 6:10pm EST
Joey Walraven Joey Walraven / Patrick Clark
December 5, 2017; 6:11pm EST
Marc Thompson Thompson/Jacobs if you open spots or we get bumped in. Thanks.
December 5, 2017; 8:28pm EST
Michael Bradley If anyone has a partner drop let me know and I’ll join.
December 5, 2017; 10:50pm EST
Michael Bradley If anyone has a partner drop let me know and I’ll join.
December 5, 2017; 10:50pm EST
Carolyn Emery Michael - my partner wants me to fish with you. Are you good with this?
December 5, 2017; 11:00pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Once 2nd venue is secured I will add more anglers, but in the mean time I have 2 anglers who have not paid and are on the current "in" list. I will move those anglers out and put someone from waitlist who can confirm their payment tonight at 7pm.
December 6, 2017; 6:57am EST
Thomas Perrie Thomas Perrie/Steven Platek
December 6, 2017; 11:26am EST
Michael Bradley Carolyn. Perfectly fine with that.
December 6, 2017; 7:08pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Field has been increased. Anglers on the waitlist that have moved up, please send in your payments. Once I have confirmed payments I can decide for certain on the venue that is the best, that fits in the budget. I have a few venues to decide on so stay tuned to what the second venue will be. I should post that on Friday.
December 6, 2017; 7:45pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Bradley, if you are going to fish with Carolyn, can you confirm and I will remove you from the list and let Randy and his partner move up?
December 6, 2017; 7:57pm EST
Derrick Ogilvie Derrick Ogilvie/Seth Sullivan
December 6, 2017; 8:28pm EST
Joseph Kwolek Joseph Kwolek/David Reeves
December 6, 2017; 9:01pm EST
Michael Bradley Wasn’t sure if my team was going to get in. I will probably end up fishing with Eli.
December 6, 2017; 9:09pm EST
Marc Thompson Thompson/Jacobs aka Team Trout Slayer is paid up. Are fireworks allowed? If you are allowing Tenkara then you should allow bottle rockets too.
December 6, 2017; 10:08pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender K guys. With Chattahoochee River a benefit of the event. I am working on a Fly Fishing Film Fest for the Anglers meeting Friday Night the 26th at the Clarkesville Theater. As things are going this will be in collaboration with Sweetwater Brewery, CRK, and Orvis Atlanta. With that said, if you have not paid and I only have 2 or 3 of you last I checked. I need payments in by this Friday at midnight. If payments are not in, I do have one team on the waitlist that is ready to send payment. With securing the second venue, and the fly film fest, I need a definitive hardline budget to work to prepay for the largest portions of the event. This also entails on the budget for the venue. If I have to lock down the event to 16,18 anglers and have a venue with just enough water for those flights, or if I have larger venue and everyone gets more water to fish. If you have any questions please contact me via email.

Thank you for your participation in this event!
December 7, 2017; 10:51am EST
Carolyn Emery Understand Michael. : (
December 7, 2017; 2:16pm EST
Tucker Horne Tucker Horne / Andrew Brown
December 7, 2017; 4:33pm EST
Tyler Cornett Tyler Cornett / Mason Sims
December 7, 2017; 8:46pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender One team not paid. They will be booted at Midnight Monday December 11, 2017
December 10, 2017; 3:10pm EST

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