Dead Drift Throwdown II


October,6 or 6,7 2018

2 day event Helen,Ga if we have enough interest.  If 12 or less anglers sign up this will be a 1 day mini.

2man teams that fish the same beat at the same time for a cumulative score.

10 anglers minimum--  if enough interest can increase field and venues

Medals for top placings

Cost- $20.00 per person

 Non Private Water



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John Oh I agree, I just saw those prices for hotels in Helen and they are ridiculous! Is there any way we can make this a 1 day comp?
September 12, 2018; 12:09pm EDT
Mark Adams 1 day is good. 2 days might kill me.
September 12, 2018; 12:20pm EDT
Benjamin VanDevender Guys after several messages regarding lodging costs for that area for 2 days, I am making it a 1 day 2 man team event. I had no idea it would cost 450.00 to stay 2nights at the freaking econolodge that weekend and much more at other hotels.
Again it will be a 1day 2man team event on the Chattahoochee in Helen.
September 12, 2018; 7:35pm EDT
Joseph Kwolek Is there still a pre-meeting the night before?
September 12, 2018; 9:08pm EDT
Benjamin VanDevender Those who have not paid have been removed. We will be meeting at the Cool River zipline parking lot next to the ALT 75 bridge at 630am.
September 17, 2018; 7:07am EDT
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