Benjamin VanDevender please respond if you are bringing a toon or tube, or that you have it worked out to use someone elses. This is important for the draw
February 7, 2018; 8:02pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Again who all registered is bringing their tube or toon. If you are not bringing one please respond with whom you have worked out to use their toon as i can not put you in the same flight.
Also get your payment for registration in.
February 10, 2018; 7:04pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Jeff- toon
Ben-toon -tyler cornett using as well
Josh kim- tube
Ricky Ozmar- tube
Mark Adams- toon
William Beard- tube
February 10, 2018; 7:05pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Thursday 2/15 anglers not paid will be removed from the registration list.
February 12, 2018; 6:59am EST
Benjamin VanDevender Tomorrow morning if you have not paid you will be placed on a waitlist
February 14, 2018; 6:19pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Confirmed list of competitors for Lake Vogel
Ben VanDevender
Mark Adams
Jeff Harrison
Ricky Ozmar
Alex Boyer
Tyler Cornett
Josh Kim
William Beard

These anglers have been populated to the anglers list. Anyone on the reg list that pays will be added up to 12 anglers, then 14, 16 etc.
February 15, 2018; 9:21am EST
Benjamin VanDevender Bring your pfd/life jacket for the event. Each angler is responsible for their pfd
March 7, 2018; 3:28pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Bring ur rain jacket guys rain with possible thunderstorm till 10am
If lightning we will have a late start fyi
March 14, 2018; 11:14pm EDT

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