Brad Zawislak Front and Center !!
November 9, 2022; 12:02pm EST
Roger Wilson Going to have to cancel this one guys. I thought the weather was going to skirt around us, and be ok. It was good till about 2 hours ago. Sorry
November 11, 2022; 7:33pm EST
Jason Smith Will there be a make up for this event
November 11, 2022; 10:32pm EST
Roger Wilson You guys have tied the flies and the beats are marked so let's do this next Saturday Nov 19th.
November 13, 2022; 10:00am EST
Roger Wilson Ms Tiffany said she would bring up a hot pot of chili for lunch.
November 13, 2022; 10:33am EST
Robin Lewis Sounds good
November 13, 2022; 10:57am EST
Wayne Thompson I won’t be able to make this new date. Please let the next man up, know he has a spot!
Have fun boys!!! :)
November 13, 2022; 12:14pm EST
Roger Wilson We will re-open registration for today Nov 13th at 1pm
November 13, 2022; 12:21pm EST
Mark Greer What time do we need to be there in the morning Roger?
November 18, 2022; 12:38pm EST
Mark Greer Nevermind I just saw the time. See ya at 7
November 18, 2022; 1:46pm EST
Roger Wilson Draw is up! Sorry I was late
November 18, 2022; 9:20pm EST

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