Gatlinburg 2024 Delayed Harvest Professional Fly Fishing Competition


This event with "Professional" in the title will be aimed towards competitive anglers who are currently or have been members of competitive fly fishing teams or leagues. Non-competitive anglers will be allowed to join if spots are still open after competitive anglers have had 1 week of open registration. This will be a team event with 20 teams of 2 anglers each. Each team will get two 1.5 hour sessions to fish and will judge two 1.5 hour sessions. There will be 10 marked beats ranging from 500ft to 800ft in legth all equally stocked. Upon completion of registration you may email for a discout code for lodging at Greystone Lodge.


Please visit the attached link and create a free account. We are still setting up the event in our system. Once the event is live on our system, I will make changes here. Registration will take place through the atached link, and I will manually add anglers to flycomps at that time. Only one team mate must register on link.


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1 - 1 1/27/2024 8:00am - 9:30am
1 - 2 1/27/2024 10:00am - 11:30am
2 - 1 1/27/2024 12:00pm - 1:30pm
2 - 2 1/27/2024 2:00pm - 3:30pm


Jason Smith Is this going to be a SEFFL event?
October 31, 2023; 1:42pm EDT
Travis Williams No sir. We will follow similar competition guidelines, but no points will be awarded. We want everyone to forget about points and leagues and just have a laid back weekend........ but there will be prizes!
October 31, 2023; 1:54pm EDT
Shawn Isaacs Thanks for hosting again Travis!
October 31, 2023; 2:12pm EDT
Travis Williams Shawn, you're welcome! We are excited to do it.
October 31, 2023; 2:34pm EDT
Travis Williams Don’t forget to go to the RecDesk site and create a profile to be able to register. A Gatlinburg fishing license is required(unless exempt) which is why we opted for $50 instead of $75 entry fee. Only one teammate needs to create a profile and can pay $100 on there to cover both team members. If you have any questions on licenses, lodging, attractions, or anything else feel free to email me at
November 18, 2023; 8:23am EST
Travis Williams Registration is set to open Friday December 1 at 8:00am on the Gatlinburg RecDesk site linked in the event description. Click Programs->Tournaments ->Professional Fly Fishing Competition. Due to Christmas coming and the early registration opening, I will leave payment to be completed by 8:00am on Friday January 5, 2024. Any person not paid in full by that time will be removed, and the next person on the waiting list will move up pending payment.
November 27, 2023; 11:01am EST
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