Benjamin VanDevender Guys please get payments in by Friday May 5th. If you need an extension please contact me via email at
May 2, 2023; 9:53am EDT
Benjamin VanDevender Missing lots of payments folks. Please get those in ASAP
May 8, 2023; 9:45am EDT
Benjamin VanDevender with only u teams signed up now, and likelyhood that it will be 6 because 7 is uneven and I would have to drop, I will give until Thursday May 11th evening to see if I can get participation and registration increased. If not I will begin issuing refunds to those who have paid and the event will be cancelled. Just want to give heads up.
May 9, 2023; 12:56pm EDT
Benjamin VanDevender Event will be rescheduled for the fall due to lack of registrants.
May 12, 2023; 7:22am EDT
Benjamin VanDevender Everyone should have received a refund. Look for a reschedule date for the fall
May 12, 2023; 9:32am EDT
Andrew Peterson Thanks for the prompt refund and professionalism.
May 12, 2023; 10:14am EDT

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