This Competition will be a one day event on Saturday November 4th at Monteluce hosted by Team Dead Drift.

The event will count for SEFFL and will consist of two man teams (MAX OF 10) with an entry fee of $150 per team. 

Only one partner needs to register, comment your teammate's name in the comment section.

For those who have participated in the South East Fly Fishing League, most of you have had the pleasure of meeting and fishing with Jonathan Jordan. Unfortunately he is currently battling recovery from a very aggressive staff infection that attacked his entire body and damaged his heart. This led to open heart surgery and a very complicated and difficult recovery. Thankfully it seems he’s recovering and his prognosis is optimistic, however, the costs associated with such a serious illness will likely be exorbitant for both the procedure and the recovery process. We've reached out to Scott at Monteluce and he agreed to let us use Monteluce as a venue for a fundraiser comp to help with these costs. 100% of the entry fees will go to the Jordan family. Let's show up and show out for our good friend Jonathan, he would definitely do the same for any of us. Hope to see you there!


If you cannot make the tournament, or would like to help further, please consider donating to Jonathan's Donation Page linked down below. 

Jonathan Jordan Donation Page




Mansion Hole is Beat 1

Bend Hole Beat 2

Most of the riffles between Bend Hole and Guide Hole Beat 3

Guide Hole Beat 4

Just below Bridge to Guide hole Beat 5

(Please refer to google maps link for beats and save it on your phone as service may be limited) 


5 session Round Robin where every team will have fished every beat.

A Flight will start by fishing a section then afterwards they will judge that same section. Then they will move DOWNSTREAM (Up in beat #, ie From 2 to 3) and repeat this for 5 sessions.

B flight will judge a section first then MOVE DOWNSTREAM (Up in beat #, ie From 2 to 3) to fish that beat. Then after fishing, judge that same section. This will repeat for 5 sessions.


Session Times:
-45 min Sessions
-15 min Transition
-1 hr Lunch

1a/1b: 8:00-8:45 9:00-9:45
2a/2b: 10:00-10:45 11:00-11:45
3a/3b: 12:45-1:30 1:45-2:30
4a/4b: 2:45-3:30 3:45-4:30
5a/5b: 4:45-5:30 5:45-6:30



There will be raffle tickets available for $20 for 5 tickets. Our awesome sponsors have donated a variety of items that you can potentially win. Please bring cash in case there is no service. All proceeds goes to Jonathan's Donation Fund.


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Chris Chapman Update: Richard Carbon and I will be fishing this comp together. Wayne Thompson is going to drop.
October 30, 2023; 2:11pm EDT
John Oh Got it Chris thanks for the update

Also Joshua and Logan, you guys are still partners right? If one of you could drop from registration so we don’t get confused on the total amount of teams that’d be awesome, thanks in advance!
October 30, 2023; 2:46pm EDT
Joshua Helms Yes sir, logan and i are partners. we’ll take care of that momentarily.
October 30, 2023; 2:47pm EDT
Joshua Helms Yes sir, logan and i are partners. we’ll take care of that momentarily.
October 30, 2023; 2:47pm EDT
Michael Bradley Anyone need a teammate for this?
October 31, 2023; 3:11pm EDT
John Oh Hey Michael Kevin Crenshaw can partner with you if Ben Green’s cousin can confirm he can fish it with Ben
October 31, 2023; 4:43pm EDT
John Oh Comp Format, Beat Map, and Raffle Procedure updated on event description! Also reminder if you did not pay your donation make sure that you have as today is the deadline!
November 1, 2023; 10:51pm EDT
Jason Smith Do we have a designated meeting place tomorrow?
November 3, 2023; 8:49pm EDT
Kevin Crenshaw Meet at the parking lot of Veterans Fly Fishing at Monteluce Vineyards. Coords (34.5615817, -84.0729122).
November 3, 2023; 8:58pm EDT
John Oh A Flight:
F1 J1 F2 J2 F3 J3 F4 J4 F5 J5
F2 J2 F3 J3 F4 J4 F5 J5 F1 J1
F3 J3 F4 J4 F5 J5 F1 J1 F2 J2
F4 J4 F5 J5 F1 J1 F2 J2 F3 J3
Jason Smith
F5 J5 F1 J1 F2 J2 F3 J3 F4 J4

B Flight:
J1 F2 J2 F3 J3 F4 J4 F5 J5 F1
Joshua Helms
J2 F3 J3 F4 J4 F5 J5 F1 J1 F2
Joe & Josh
J3 F4 J4 F5 J5 F1 J1 F2 J2 F3
J4 F5 J5 F1 J1 F2 J2 F3 J3 F4
J5 F1 J1 F2 J2 F3 J3 F4 J4 F5
November 3, 2023; 9:34pm EDT
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