Ron Kless Good Morning, I am not sure what happened, but I went from being 27th to 30th on the waiting list? I was told that I did not need to pay, until I was moved above the line to the competitor list. Is that the reason why I was moved down the list? I am not understanding the method of how the lists and competitor placing is accomplished. It would be great to put a set of guidelines out on how the list selection process is arranged. Thank You for allowing me to be on the waiting list. I am going to compete in another venue the 17th, so I will not be attending this competition. Everyone enjoy the competition.
May 22, 2017; 9:20am EDT
Ken Crane Ron, no one has any capabilities to modify registration lists for any comp. The database manages its order of inserts and once set when a new registration is submitted they cannot be changed. No one has to pay an entry fee until they are no longer on a waitlist.
May 23, 2017; 3:04pm EDT
Ron Kless Thank You for answering my questions.
V/R Ron
May 23, 2017; 9:53pm EDT
michael norton good luck this weekend fellas ..stay safe and have fun
June 21, 2017; 8:01pm EDT

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