Kevin Crenshaw Kevin Crenshaw and Ben Green
February 18, 2021; 5:21pm EST
Joseph Kwolek Joe and Josh Kwolek
February 19, 2021; 9:29am EST
Tyler Deal Tyler Deal/ Mark Greer
March 15, 2021; 7:09pm EDT
Richard Carbon Richard Carbon/Zach Harbin
March 15, 2021; 7:25pm EDT
Dan Young Dan Young/ John Patton
March 15, 2021; 7:37pm EDT
Jake Brewster Jacob Brewster/Ben Smith
March 15, 2021; 9:44pm EDT
Benjamin VanDevender Any unpaid anglers have until tonite to get in half or full payment to not lose their registration spot to the next anglers on the waitlist.
March 17, 2021; 6:41am EDT
Joe B Todd What fishing license will be needed? Thanks.
March 24, 2021; 10:37am EDT
Benjamin VanDevender Session times and other important information will be posted Monday 4/26/21. Sessions will start at 7am sharp though. Sessions will be 45minutes long. Anglers will fish all beats. Only one angler from each team will be judging (your and your partner can coordinate your time off and can re-rig, eat, socialize during your non judging sessions.) Anglers bring your own lunch to eat during your non judging times.
Remember only top 5 largest fish of the day per 2man team will contribute to final score.
Flights will be drawn on facebook live Tuesday 4/27/21 at 7pm , those results will be posted here as well.
Please arrive in plenty of time to be ready to hit the water promptly at 7am sharp. Time expired in a session, is time expired and session times will not be amended for late anglers.

Awards will be at Soque River Outfitters after last session ends.
April 24, 2021; 11:37am EDT
Benjamin VanDevender Legal Flies:

Articulated flies are legal as long as it has a single hook.
April 26, 2021; 6:44pm EDT
Benjamin VanDevender Draw is below: This is also available on the dead drift facebook page.
If you have any questions feel free to email me at
Grp= Group S= session
Grp S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6
A1 F1 J1 F6J6 F5J5 F4J4 F3J3 F2J2 _______Kevin Crenshaw______________
A2 F2J2 F1J1 F6J6 F5J5 F4J4 F3J3 _______Tyler Cornett_________________
A3 F3J3 F2J2 F1J1 F6J6 F5J5 F4J4 _______Richard Carbon________________
A4 F4J4 F3J2 F2J2 F1J1 F6J6 F5J5 _______Tyler Deal_____________________
A5 F5J5 F4J4 F3J3 F2J2 F1J1 F6J6 _______Austin Shoemaker______________
A6 F6J6 F5J5 F4J4 F3J3 F2J2 F1J1 _______Jake Brewster__________________

B1 J1F6 J6F5 J5F4 J4F3 J3F2 J2F1 ________Carolyn Emery________________
B2 J2F5 J5F4 J4F3 J3F2 J2F1 J1F6 ________Jessica Neese__________________
B3 J3F4 J4F3 J3F2 J2F1 J1F6 J6F5 ________Dan Young_____________________
B4 J4F3 J3F2 J2F1 J1F6 J6F5 J5F4 ________Ben Vandevender_______________
B5 J5F2 J2F1 J1F6 J6F5 J5F4 J4F3 ________Joseph Kwolek__________________
B6 J6F1 J1F6 J6F5 J5F4 J4F3 J3F2 ________Brandon Russell_________________
April 27, 2021; 7:51pm EDT
Joseph Kwolek All, We have to car pool as there will not be enough parking at Fern Proper for everyone to come individually.. Please park at Big T’s Soque River Outfitter shop and car pool. They only have spots for 12 or so cars. 6-8 at the house and the rest up by the road. Also, with the water temps please be mindful of your fish handling practices. Get em on, get em in, and get em back in the water as soon as possible. We will be there early so please be as courteous as possible as Marty and Glad will be most likely still asleep when we start rolling in. I will need help traffic coping in the am since I am not fishing first.

April 29, 2021; 4:43pm EDT
Benjamin VanDevender Session Times: Please see and note.
Session 1 7am-745am
Session 2 755am-840am
Session 3 855am-935am
Session 4 945am-1030am
Session 5 1040am-1125am
Session 6 1135-1220pm
Session 7 1230-115pm
Session 8 125-210pm
Session 9 220-305pm
Session 10 315-400pm
Session 11 410-455pm
Session 12 505-555pm
April 30, 2021; 9:48am EDT
Benjamin VanDevender Soque River Outfitters
159 Walls Complex Circle, Clarkesville, GA 30523
April 30, 2021; 9:06pm EDT
Benjamin VanDevender Final Standings:

1st place - Richard Carbon and Zach Harbin. 280cm
2nd place- Jacob Brewster and Ben Smith. 262 cm
3rd place- Tyler Deal and James Miles. 260cm
4th place- Austin Shoemaker and Brad Zawislak. 253cm
5th place- Ben VanDevender and Mark Adam's. 248cm
6th place- Tyler Cornett and Chace Spicer. 242cm
7th place- Brandon Russell and Brian ... 242cm
8th place- Joseph Kwolek and Josh Kwolek. 233 cm
9th place- Kevin Crenshaw and Ben Green. 232 cm
10th place- Pat Neese and Joe B Todd. 215cm
11th place- Carolyn Emery and Nicole Trout. 120cm
12th place- Dan Young and John Patton. 51cm
May 3, 2021; 8:38am EDT

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