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New Dam Year Comp (12/30)



General Rules

  • Competition on Saturday Dec 30th
  • Registration opens Monday Nov 27th @ 6PM
  • For now the comp will be capped at 12 anglers
  • Meeting time, Session times, and Days of comp may change due to release and will know on Friday December 29th with announcements posted. Please keep updated on fly comps.
  • $5.00 Parking Permit required per Corps of Engineers (Automated Machine at entrance)
  • There is NO Event Fee for this competition
  • 34.15821° N, 84.07769° W is the parking and meeting spot. This is the main parking area by boat ramp. 
  • Georgia State Trout License is required: https://license.gooutdoorsgeorgia.com/Licensing/CustomerLookup.aspx
  • Life preserver or Coast Guard Approved PFD is required (You will not be allowed to fish in comp if you fail to wear one, NO EXCEPTIONS!)
  • Fishing is off limits from sunset Dec 29th until comp starts Saturday morning
  • B Flight will be in charge of scoresheets
  • This is a solo event (No 2 man teams)
  • If you register and cannot make the competition for whatever reason please drop and comment on the event that you cannot make it. Any drops within a week of the event is subject to punishment such as a ban from registering in future SEFFL competitions for a determined amount of time. 

Competition/Fishing Rules

  • 2013 FIPS/Mouche rules
  • Sessions start and end on time NO EXCEPTIONS (We will know the official release schedule on Dec 29th and will adjust comp as neccessary)
  • No minimum size requirement
  • The angler must show the judge visually the fish he/she caught to score the fish. 
  • To minimize risk of the judge, the judge may be on the bank/trail/etc. to visually confirm fish catch 
  • The angler may ask the judge to cross the beat to a better vantage point only if the judge is comfortable with the water conditions (Please be respectful on both sides)
  • Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Red Horse Suckers are the allowed scorable fish
  • Squirmies, eggs are allowed
  • Single hook, barbless
  • Articulated streamers are allowed but only one hook
  • Sculpin helmets, coneheads, beadchain are allowed
  • Single 4.0mm bead maximum, no strike indicators, no split shot
  • If fishing two flies, the dropper MUST come off of a tag (Cannot tie off the bend of the hook to attach another fly)
  • 20 inch minimum between flies
  • Leader maximum length is 2x rod length
  • If you hear a siren, get out of the water IMMEDIATELY (We will address any unscheduled release as soon as we can)
  • It is highly recommended that you have studded soles on your boots. Out of state felt boots should be washed prior to comp. If you are a beginner wader, this river is extremely slick and has dropoffs. A waiver will need to be signed prior to the start of the comp.
  • Judges must meet anglers at BOTTOM of beat, no exceptions. Once you meet you can go wherever you like on the beat.
  • There are restrooms onsite
  • In the last session of the day you and the judge MUST remove beat markers
  • Scoresheets must be completely filled out. Failure to do so will invalidate session results
    • Angler Name
    • Judge Name
    • Beat (The number of the beat angler is fishing)
    • Flight (A or B Flight of angler)
    • Session (After A flight fishes that is session 1A, and then B flight fishes that concludes session 1B, etc.)
  • All scoresheets must be handed to John Oh, Ben Van Devender, Joseph Kwolek, Kevin Crenshaw, or Nick Schierle at the end of the day
  • Scores will be prelimarily announced as soon as possible. Scores will be considered final 72 hours after competition.

***Any questions regarding a rules violation must be marked on scoresheet and be brought to the attention of the competition committee as soon as possible (John Oh or Joseph Kwolek) cellphone #’s will be provided on the day of the comp***


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