Tc Sutton Sounds like fun on a bun
May 16, 2019; 11:22am EDT
Carolyn Emery When does registration open for this event?
June 26, 2019; 2:00pm EDT
BRANDON HARRISON Carolyn, probably sometime in August.
We are sorting out the details now and trying to decide if 1 day or two.
We may do a second day that’s some fun stuff. The Oyster Roast food is tough to beat.
Message me if you have any input
June 26, 2019; 2:31pm EDT
Brandon Russell Any more new info on this comp?
August 9, 2019; 12:43pm EDT
BRANDON HARRISON Still working out details before setting registration.
It will be individual, big beats, 2 flights.
August 9, 2019; 4:22pm EDT
Mike Slay Any news on the registration date?
August 13, 2019; 9:51am EDT
BRANDON HARRISON Single Day Saturday AM meeting

Entry fee includes event.
The Event is the largest fund raiser for the ACWC organization so will take priority. Other types of seafood are available as well as a couple steaks for you Austin if you have a Allergy to everything they have available.

I can probably smoke you up something on the #PITBOSS
August 13, 2019; 11:09am EDT
BRANDON HARRISON Attention all Anglers: We will have some new score sheets, new rules, and other ideas to help make this event run smoothly.
1. NO BS with squirmies, smoke em if you got em. FIPS went too far.
2. No score sheet or an incomplete score sheet means no score, those will be due at lunch and within an allotted time after fishing is complete.
3. Each team needs to have a representative helping with scores. We will have an unaffiliated volunteer and your team rep will be responsible for checking score sheet questions to avoid any confusion. When you score a fish, each angler is responsible for making sure the number written down is legible and correct. You must hold your controller accountable on the river.

We are simplifying this lets make it simple and fun.
We will have a live feed on the draw, or do it the morning of at the event.

There will be no adjustments to the entry fee. That's the only fair way to do something like this. I apologize if this doesn't work for any individuals, but its not my decision to make on this event.
August 29, 2019; 9:26am EDT
Tyler Ritch I sent my $75 entry fee to the Wilson Creek Clean Up Fund
August 31, 2019; 8:44am EDT
Randy Seller Sent my $75.00 donation. JACKED on this event!!! Yeewww!
September 15, 2019; 3:14pm EDT
BRANDON HARRISON Reminder, Registration fees are due today.
September 16, 2019; 5:09am EDT
BRANDON HARRISON There will be a no fish period of the standard 2 weeks for this competition.
Since water temps are extremely warm, lets call the last day to fish Oct 12th which gives everyone a weekend day to check things out. I will clean up the beat markers this weekend and try to mark beats.
The river has changed drastically with the summers floods, I will do my best to select even beats. If anyone has suggestions please come out and make your opinion know ahead of time before beats are drawn, as we have no control of where the fish are at.
September 30, 2019; 3:39pm EDT
Brandon Russell Can you get refunded?I won’t be able to make it sadly!
October 16, 2019; 10:57am EDT
BRANDON HARRISON Brandon you are still showing as registered. If you aren't coming you need to drop so I can fill that spot. I will see what I can do about the entry fee, but this is becoming a habit.
October 16, 2019; 11:04am EDT
Mike Slay Brandon, I apologize as I have had to cancel and will not be able to attend the comp. I am not requesting that I be refunded. The fee can go toward costs or the donation. Thanks.
October 19, 2019; 10:48am EDT
Lewis Hirsch What time do we need to be there Saturday
October 22, 2019; 4:26pm EDT
BRANDON HARRISON Saturday Schedule
7am sharp morning meeting
8-9:30 Session 1 This is a hard start
10-11:30 Session 2
Lunch Morning sessions scores are due by 12pm Sharp, Score sheets will be complete with full name and all info complete or will be DQ'd.....This is a SEFFL Rule and team reps will be asked to assist.
1:30 scout (subject to be moved up)
2-3:30 Session 3
4-5:30 session 4
All scores are due by 6pm, Team reps are asked to assist in entering scores and be present for the calculations to avoid mistakes.

As soon as scores can be check and double checked Awards with money for top 3 spots and big fish (Big fish pot can be separated if you guys want to work that out.
October 22, 2019; 4:57pm EDT
8395 NC-90, Collettsville, NC 28611

Intersection of Brown Mountain Beach Rd. and old 90 in Mortimer, NC

You will not have cell phone signal, so look it up on a map.

Once you turn onto Brown Mountain Beach Rd. Stay strait all the way top the store on your rt.

7 am sharp with gear rigged is better for those who are new to this, scouting for session #1 is on you, we will adjust time if needed, but being late to start fishing will cost you time.
October 23, 2019; 11:09am EDT
Lewis Hirsch I apologize for dropping but I have had something come up. It is fine if you keep the
entry fee.
October 24, 2019; 7:39am EDT
Lewis Hirsch I apologize for dropping but I have had something come up. It is fine if you keep the
entry fee.
October 24, 2019; 7:39am EDT

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