Tc Sutton Sounds like fun on a bun
May 16, 2019; 11:22am EDT
Carolyn Emery When does registration open for this event?
June 26, 2019; 2:00pm EDT
BRANDON HARRISON Carolyn, probably sometime in August.
We are sorting out the details now and trying to decide if 1 day or two.
We may do a second day that’s some fun stuff. The Oyster Roast food is tough to beat.
Message me if you have any input
June 26, 2019; 2:31pm EDT
Brandon Russell Any more new info on this comp?
August 9, 2019; 12:43pm EDT
BRANDON HARRISON Still working out details before setting registration.
It will be individual, big beats, 2 flights.
August 9, 2019; 4:22pm EDT
Mike Slay Any news on the registration date?
August 13, 2019; 9:51am EDT
BRANDON HARRISON Single Day Saturday AM meeting

Entry fee includes event.
The Event is the largest fund raiser for the ACWC organization so will take priority. Other types of seafood are available as well as a couple steaks for you Austin if you have a Allergy to everything they have available.

I can probably smoke you up something on the #PITBOSS
August 13, 2019; 11:09am EDT

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