Joe Broscius Have the venues been chosen yet?
July 24, 2017; 12:46pm EDT
Zack Smith Sorry guys had to drop can't get that weekend off work
August 22, 2017; 2:23pm EDT
Ryan Peck Does anybody know the chances of being able to compete if you're on the waiting list?
August 22, 2017; 8:48pm EDT
Ben Trew There is a good possibility I will be able to open the competition up to more anglers, but there usually is one or two that drop. I would hang on. I'm pretty sure we will be able to get most if not all of the waitlist in.
August 22, 2017; 8:53pm EDT
Matthew Wierzchowski Where are the stretches on spring creek that you'll fish? I was planning a trip up with my father that same weekend and wanted to make sure we wouldnt disrupt the competition or not be able to fish.
August 29, 2017; 6:30pm EDT
Ben Trew We will be using the area from the confluence with the Bald Eagle upstream just below the kayak course. You're welcome to fish wherever you'd like, but that is the section we will be in. Stop down and check things out if your interested.
September 5, 2017; 5:36pm EDT
Ben Trew If you have not given me your shirt size, please do so no later than this Friday.
September 6, 2017; 4:45pm EDT
Andy Leakey Too late for shirt sizes? XL if it's not too late.
September 10, 2017; 5:28pm EDT
Mike Yamrick Codey can be added as DDMA's 4th since Ragan dropped
September 14, 2017; 11:33am EDT
Ryan Peck If not too late, adult small.
September 14, 2017; 2:22pm EDT
Thomas Pangburn Where will we be meeting on Friday evening?
September 19, 2017; 8:50pm EDT
Mat Kidwell The draw will be at Happy Valley Brewing in State College at 730
September 19, 2017; 10:15pm EDT
Ryan Peck Where would be a good place to fish on Friday to practice for the comp?
September 19, 2017; 10:34pm EDT
Ben Trew I'll be posting beat maps tomorrow throughout the day. Anywhere outside of the comp water is good. I would look at Spring Creek. That way your close for the draw.
September 19, 2017; 10:39pm EDT
Corey Stoner Ryan there are several good places to fish near happy valley brewing company. I will be fishing some of that water after I am done with classes on friday. More than likely it will be the middle section of spring creek aka the canyon section.
September 20, 2017; 8:23am EDT
Thomas Pangburn What is the address for Happy Valley Brewing? And this is were we will meet on Friday?
September 20, 2017; 11:42am EDT
Corey Stoner 137 Elmwood St
State College, PA 16801
United States

That's the address for happy valley brewing company. Yes that's where we will meet on Friday at 730 pm
September 20, 2017; 12:31pm EDT

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