Thomas Perrie Registration date will be in beginning of Feb.
January 12, 2023; 9:11pm EST
Erik Clymore Will there be refreshments?
I have food allergies that need to be taken into consideration.
January 18, 2023; 3:32pm EST
Thomas Perrie Venmo- @Thomas-perrie

PayPal - (use friends so it doesn’t charge me)
February 8, 2023; 9:11am EST
Joseph Kwolek Is this at Fern Proper or The Meadows?
February 11, 2023; 8:13pm EST
Thomas Perrie Both. Anglers will switch venues at lunch
February 11, 2023; 8:58pm EST
Thomas Perrie Comp is SEFFL approved. Points will go to individual standings.
February 12, 2023; 12:15pm EST
Dan Young If there’s any last minute needs for a teammate, let me know. I couldn’t get a partner lined up for this weekend.
February 26, 2023; 12:37am EST
Thomas Perrie Dan- shoot me a text. My contact info is in description.

Anyone that is raising money outside of registration or has pledges, you can direct them to the website to make their donations. They’ll receive a tax deductible receipt for their donation.

Rally your teammates and let’s fill some more spots. Even if you don’t get pledges or raise money, the entrance fee goes a long way. Remember, this is a SEFFL approved event.

Also, if I haven’t received your entry fee, please send that ASAP.

Love draw will take place via Facebook the night before and entered into flycomps.

Lastly, team meeting will be at Soque outfitters Sunday morning. We’ll meet at 7am
February 26, 2023; 10:28am EST
Dan Young Hey Thomas I shot ya a text was the 302 area code number. Let’s chat when you get a chance, thanks!
February 27, 2023; 6:19pm EST
Scott Asbill Scott Asbill teamate is Shawn Isaacs
March 7, 2023; 3:45pm EST
Thomas Perrie Hey everyone. Getting lots of questions about weather. Looks like manageable amounts of rain so the river shouldn't blow out. If the water is unsafe, we'll make the call to cancel but I'm optimistic at this point.

I'm closing registration so it's going to be 12 teams competing. That means we'll have 3 beats per venue. Nice long beats should be fun. Please still consider getting supporters for your fish caught. Since we didn't fill registration, we'd like to fundraise as best we can!

We'll be meeting Sunday morning at 7am for team meeting at Soque Outfitters. Please also consider carpooling from here.

If I don't have your fees, please send that money ASAP. I'll be reaching out to folks that haven't paid tomorrow.
March 9, 2023; 1:07pm EST
Thomas Perrie No makeup dates in the spring. We're going to make this up in the fall. If you'd like a refund now, I'll send it to you, just text me that you'd like a refund. If you'd like your whole fee or any part of it turned into a charitable donation, text me and let me know. If you'd like credit for the fall event, you can consider your fees already paid, text me and let me know. Three options, text me which you'd like to do. Please also text me your teammates desire. I'll be getting these back to folks ASAP. Some of you paid by paypal for "business purpose" so it wasn't a full $100 received and I'll need to figure out that refund process. 678-920-0072
March 13, 2023; 9:03am EDT
CHRIS ABELLANA Hi all...this comp will be rescheduled for mid-October 2023. Thomas Perrie will update the exact dates within a week.
June 21, 2023; 12:41pm EDT
Thomas Perrie Correction - After talking with Marty about availability and looking at dates, we've settled on 12/9/23. This is a great cause and great non profit that we're raising money for. Everyone either has been or knows someone who is affected by addiction. Anyone that is interested in participating in the comp knows how powerful flyfishing can be regarding mental health and having fun. Let's help raise some money to help others unlock a new resource for their recovery/lives.
August 14, 2023; 11:46am EDT
CHRIS ABELLANA Please put your team member in the comments section
August 14, 2023; 1:11pm EDT
Andrew Peterson My teammate is Chris Abellana
August 14, 2023; 1:33pm EDT
Joseph Kwolek Teammate is Josh Kwolek
August 14, 2023; 2:01pm EDT
Scott Asbill My teammate is Shawn Isaacs
August 18, 2023; 3:03pm EDT
Joseph Scarlett If anyone needs a partner for this event please let me know, would love to fish!
September 10, 2023; 9:51pm EDT
Joshua Helms teammate logan klarzuk
September 18, 2023; 8:43am EDT

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