Zach Harbin My partner is Andrew Brown- Team GA
October 28, 2020; 9:25pm EDT
Benjamin VanDevender All registered anglers can recieve a full day for the price of a half day at Fern Valley and The Meadows! Call Glad or Marty to book your practice day. They have a list of registered anglers.
November 2, 2020; 9:17am EST
Benjamin VanDevender All first half of registration payments due by 12/5/20 at 6pm via payments via paypal to:
Second half of payments due by 12/30/20. Any registered anglers without payments will be booted and replaced from waitilist anglers that register on 12/15/20.
November 9, 2020; 10:08am EST
Scott Asbill Hi Ben
My partner is Brandon Russell
Payment has previously been sent.
November 30, 2020; 8:21pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender It is 12/7/20 still several teams that have not paid their first half of registration. Please do so or contact me if needed.
December 7, 2020; 8:27am EST
Benjamin VanDevender Also can folks please comment with their partners name in this comment section.
December 8, 2020; 10:04am EST
Kevin Crenshaw Kevin Crenshaw and Ben Green DD1
December 9, 2020; 1:44pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Tomorrow 7pm Open registration for remaining spots.
December 14, 2020; 1:38pm EST
Michael Yelton Michael Yelton & David Braun Team F3
December 15, 2020; 10:18am EST
Brayton Bird Brayton Bird and Jonathan Jordan
Team F3
December 15, 2020; 6:42pm EST
Robin Lewis Robin Lewis & Chase
December 15, 2020; 7:01pm EST
Robin Lewis Robin Lewis & Chase
December 15, 2020; 7:01pm EST
Chris Cristallo Chris Cristallo and Stuart Schmidtke
December 15, 2020; 7:02pm EST
Mike Slay Mike Slay and Ricardo Myer.
December 15, 2020; 7:04pm EST
Mike Slay Where are registration dues to be sent?
December 16, 2020; 3:26pm EST
CHRIS ABELLANA Erik Clymore and Richard Carbon
December 18, 2020; 9:14pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Field can increase to 24 if we reach 24 total on the waitlist. At that time I will open the field and waitlist folks will move to the registered list and need to pay their entry. Do not sign up on the waitlist unless you can commit to the event.
December 19, 2020; 9:56am EST
CHRIS ABELLANA Chris Abellana and Michael Bradley
December 23, 2020; 9:42am EST
John Oh John Oh and Brichael Madley DD 2
December 24, 2020; 3:12pm EST
Mark Greer Mark Greer and Joey Walraven
December 29, 2020; 12:03pm EST
Tara Wicker Tara Wicker and Eli Buchanan
December 29, 2020; 6:22pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Live draw Sunday 1/3/2020 @8pm via facebook live.
December 30, 2020; 12:51pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Important!: Covid Restrictions.
All anglers must wear a face covering when interacting with their judges. It does not have to be worn while fishing, only when presenting fish for judging. A mask, buff, cloth facial covering is required to measure your fish.

There will be no in person anglers meeting. A virtual meeting will be held via facebook live on the Thursday b4 the event.

No in person awards ceremony. Results will be validated by 1/13/20 and awards and Trophies will be mailed to the respective recipients.
December 30, 2020; 12:55pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender All final payments for the Championship are due by midnight today. Please check with your partner and make sure you both are paid up. If there is a question do not hesitate to message me directly.
December 31, 2020; 9:59am EST
Mark Greer Levi Ladlee and Alex Boyer
December 31, 2020; 10:26pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender The following anglers still owe half of their registration fee. Please get this in ASAP. Contact your partner if they are paying their half.

Chris Abellana
Stephen Tomasovich
Tara Wicker
Daniel Ladee
Mark Greer
Joseph Kwolek
Thomas Perrie
January 1, 2021; 2:29pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Important Update: After a consensus vote with Team reps. We have made the decision to keep the event entirely at Fern and Meadows, in order to try to mitigate the beatiness we were seeing at Smith Creek that would have led to a minimally unequitable venue. This means that the draw tomorrow will only provide 4 sessions TOTAL for each team at Fern and Meadows private water. Please discuss with your team rep if you have questions. Main objective as the organizer is to provide a fair, fun, equitable event as much as possible.
Live draw tomorrow will be on Facebook Live at 8pm
January 2, 2021; 10:09am EST
Benjamin VanDevender Fishing rules. The no fish period has started.
Fips rules with the below changes regarding flies:
Eggs are legal as long as they are not brown, gray, black, cream, tan, blue or a shade thereof.

Mops are legal and considered mop as long as 1inch long or longer from hook eye to tail. Shorter than 1 inch mops will be considered an egg and the color restricitions apply.

Cone heads or dumbbells are legal. Single hook articulated streamers legal.

Squirmys Legal.

If not mentioned here refer to 2013 Fips fly rules for dissertion or pm me.
January 4, 2021; 8:01am EST
Thomas Perrie C&D flights... pay attention! I'm bringing food to make breakfast burritos on day one and tacos on day 2. Give me some idea of who wants a hot lunch! Feel free to hit me up on facebook. I think I'm friends with the majority of yall
January 4, 2021; 4:45pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Both anglers will be judging when its the session to judge.
See session times listed as well. Sessions start at 730am sharp. 2 hr sessions

There will be no mid day switch. But there will be an hour lunch break. Session 2 ending at 12 and session 3 start at 1pm. Last session ending at 530pm.

Parking: If you are not carpooling go to Meadows and coordinate a carpool to Fern propper. Limited parking for 10 vehicles at Fern. Do not arrive as a solo angler to Fern.

Meadows has plenty of parking.
January 4, 2021; 7:35pm EST
CHRIS ABELLANA Many of you are taking a look at the scores but please be aware that these results are NOT FINAL and NOT OFFICIAL. Ofiicial results will be announced on Wed of this week.

The process right now is about verifying the scores and finalizing the results. Please bear with us, and thank you for your patience.
January 11, 2021; 11:26pm EST

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