Benjamin VanDevender Only 1 member of a 2man team needs to register, please list your partner in the comment field of the registration side, or HERE in the comments.
August 27, 2019; 9:26am EDT
Robin Lewis Robin Lewis partner Brayton Bird
August 30, 2019; 11:48am EDT
Benjamin VanDevender Gabriel Wittosch- Partner Austin Shoemaker- Team DD1
John Oh- Partner Ellijah Ellis- Team DD2
August 30, 2019; 11:57am EDT
Justin Hunt Justin Hunt partner Tyler Deal
August 31, 2019; 6:50pm EDT
Joseph Kwolek Josh Kwolek is my partner
August 31, 2019; 8:57pm EDT
Jake Brewster Alleigh Raymond will be my partner
September 2, 2019; 7:44am EDT
Jake Howard Partner Michael Yelton
September 2, 2019; 10:22pm EDT
Stuart Schmidtke Ricardo Meyer and Stuart Schmidtke
September 2, 2019; 10:25pm EDT
Thomas Perrie Let me know if anyone doesn’t pay... I’ll pony up the dough
September 5, 2019; 9:07pm EDT
Thomas Perrie Let me know if anyone doesn’t pay... I’ll pony up the dough
September 5, 2019; 9:07pm EDT
Mike Slay Ben, what is your PayPal address to see registration fee?
September 5, 2019; 9:50pm EDT
Thomas Perrie Partner is Erik Clymore... team name is Street dogs for breakfast.
September 6, 2019; 11:53am EDT
Mike Slay Partner is Chris Cristallo.
September 6, 2019; 1:16pm EDT
Mike Slay Partner is Chris Cristallo.
September 6, 2019; 1:16pm EDT
Richard Carbon Richard Carbon and Chris Abellana
September 6, 2019; 10:38pm EDT
Carolyn Emery Carolyn Emery and Tori Walburn
September 7, 2019; 2:38pm EDT
Colter Cavin Partner Sam Milton
September 14, 2019; 11:06am EDT
Colter Cavin Partner Sam Milton
September 14, 2019; 11:06am EDT
Joseph Scarlett looking for a partner! @josephscarlettfishing on Instagram if anyone wants to fish!
September 16, 2019; 9:53pm EDT
Benjamin VanDevender Still lot of folks who have not sent in half of their initial registration. Please get with me asap before I adjust the registration list.
September 25, 2019; 7:11am EDT
Scott Asbill Partner is Joseph Scarlett-we have paid the initial registration fee. Full fee paid on 11/4/2019
September 27, 2019; 7:21am EDT
Benjamin VanDevender Friday 10/4 folks on the waitlist will be moved to active angler registration and unpaid spots will be removed and can re register. Initial half of registration was due 9/20 and remainder due 10/30
October 1, 2019; 8:05pm EDT
jacob meier Does anyone need a partner. Mine back out on me.
If you want to talk about it!
October 19, 2019; 9:56am EDT
Kevin Crenshaw Available for sub incase someone can’t make it(will pay my share) also available to volunteer if organizers need an extra hand. (678) 617-3615
October 27, 2019; 12:56pm EDT
Benjamin VanDevender Final payments need to be in by November 10th. Message me directly via email or fb if you need an extension.
November 4, 2019; 9:45am EST
Levi Watson Any spots open for this?
November 12, 2019; 10:41am EST
Benjamin VanDevender Levi there is a spot open now if you want it, get with me asap before i try to fill it.
November 18, 2019; 9:30am EST
Benjamin VanDevender Guys here is a quick rundown on the event.:
FRIDAY December 27 Anglers meeting will be at Hatch Camp! This is where we will do the draw at 8pm! It is in your best interest to be there or designate someone to draw for you!

There willl be a 1.5 hr switch after session 2 each day. this will be lunch break and time to get to your next venue. It is imperative that you get going asap especially when going from Hatch Camp to Tallulah or VIce Versa as 43minutes to get there. When Switching from Fern to Meadows there is only a 10minute time distance.

The event will utilize 20cm minimum at all venues EXCEPT Tallulah where a 14cm minimum will be in place.

Please see the event fb page for updates!

November 18, 2019; 10:46am EST
Benjamin VanDevender Important comp update
Dec 27, 8pm anglers meeting and draw will be done at Hatch Camp!
Awards ceremony will be held in the shopping center empty space we utilized last year and the address will be provided when recieved from Marty.

EGGS: Getting lots of requests about what constitutes and egg... Eggs are only illegal to use at Fern and Meadows. Any round, fly that imitates an egg, ball, sphere, globe, egg sack, or any other constituent where it could be explained that said fly resembles an egg to a judge panel will be illegal. Any fish caught during a session on a questionable fly will be notated on the score sheet and the judge and angler will present the fly in question to the sector judge and the event organizer where determination will be made. If said fly is determined to represent and egg or has too much imitation of an egg none of the notated fish caught on said fly will count. So this is not rocket science.
Mops- 1inch or more from hook eye to tail are legal. (under 1inch it is illegal)
Egg sucking leech- legal
Nuclear egg or variant- not legal.
streamer tied with egg material can not look like a egg, egg sack,yoke. The brain even though a flesh fly is tied with egg material and thus illegal at Fern and Meadows. Any nymph tied with bright colors- legal. If tied in round fat obese fashion to resemble an egg... it will probably be deemed an egg. You want to walk the gray line, take the chance. But this message will be reiterrated at the angler meeting Friday night.
December 10, 2019; 2:26pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Reminder the No Fish Period for all venues begins December 22nd at 6pm.
December 20, 2019; 10:42am EST
Chase Turner Just a reminder that TJ Ritch will be fishing with me, not Jacob Meier. Look forward to seeing everyone there & hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.
December 21, 2019; 6:09pm EST
Jake Howard Thats the easiest 6th place finish I've ever had.
December 29, 2019; 9:28pm EST

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