Mark Greer Comp details
Meeting location: Straight branch access parking lot.
36.64411° N, 81.73990° W

Parking: Virginia forestry service has highly recommended that we carpool if possible. The parking is in the middle of a driving circle so when we park. Pull as far forward as you can so another vehicle can park behind you.

Meeting: I will be at the venue at 6am. I highly recommend getting there no later then 6:30am in order to walk to the upper section of the venue and scout your beats. The people that are judging first will be given a ziplock bag/pens/clip board/score sheets and will be responsible for it session to session. Whatever you need for the day,please take it with you.

Measuring fish: A zip tie will be attached to the bottom of your net. Once the fish is netted. Walk the fish over to your judge to verify that it’s a trout and what the measurement is. zip tie will be marked at 20cm. A trout that measures below 20cm will count as 20cm. A trout that measures more then 20cm will count as 30cm. All trout will be counted. Everyone will receive a zip tie. Extras will be in the zip lock bag given to the people who judge first. Any questionable measurements/species. Please take photo.

Beat marking: The beats will run bottom to top 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4.The trail will run along the river through the entire venue. Pink and orange ribbon will mark as access points to your beat. Your beat at bottom and at top will be marked with orange ribbon.

Lunch: Lunch will be served in middle of the two venues. We will need $5 per person for lunch. Water/hotdogs/chips will be served. I’ll have my grill set up. If you wish to bring your own. Please let me know. Turn in morning session score sheets at lunch to me or Tara. More pens/sheets/zip ties will be available if needed.

Post tournament: Meet back in the parking lot to turn in the score sheets. I’ll put us in for a dinner reservations at wicked chicken wing house in Damascus Va if you guys are interested. I’ll put the scores in there since there is no service at the venue.

***Please have your Virginia state fishing license on your person phone/printout where as the Virginia forestry service is aware of this tournament and will most likely be checking license.
Reach out for any questions.
May 6, 2022; 9:49pm EDT
Mark Greer Got a spot open now. Reach out to your teams/other anglers please.
May 10, 2022; 7:28am EDT
Richard Formato I am trying to register - paid dues - hope to make it!
May 11, 2022; 1:31pm EDT
Richard Formato Thanks to Mark Greer and his partner for putting on a spectacular Mini Comp! Thanks to all!
May 14, 2022; 5:53pm EDT
Mark Greer Thank ya sir. Pleasure to have you. We’ll definitely be having another one.
May 14, 2022; 7:23pm EDT

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