Six lakes- West Regional


Six Lakes - West Region - Regional Event

November 17th

Six Lakes is a private fishery in northeastern Utah. Cost to participate will be approximately $100. Cost will include lodging on the night of Nov 16th and 17th. Fee inclusive of lodge stay is less than the fee if you do not stay in the Lodge and only fish. Fees will be collected upon verification of registration and total number of anglers participating.

Registration will open on October 30th @ 6:00pm Mountain time.

Fishing is planned for Eagle and Meadow Lakes, but we may change it to different lakes to mix it up a bit (Duck & Totem).

All fishing will be bank sessions and competitor controlled with photos of fish taken by angler for verification.
Format will be 2, 3 hour session with beat rotations each hour with a 10 minute window for beat relocation.

Planned fishing times will be 8:30-11:50 and 1:00 - 4:20

Open to 12 individuals with priorioity access to anglers in the West region.

Points awarded - Maximun of 12 points. Based on number of anglers at event rounded up to the next even number. (if there are 9 anglers, there will be 10 points). If angers drop within 7 days of the event the points awarded will remain as if they were participating.


1 - 1 11/17/2023 8:30am - 11:50am
1 - 2 11/17/2023 8:30am - 11:50am
2 - 1 11/17/2023 1:00pm - 4:20pm
2 - 2 11/17/2023 1:00pm - 4:20pm


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