Ken Crane There should be a “pay now” link next to your name in registration.
March 11, 2019; 9:42pm EDT
Marc Sorbello Where will we meet prior to the start of the event? This is my first event and very excited!!
March 13, 2019; 6:42pm EDT
Ken Crane Awesome Marc! Glad to have you out. I will be emailing everyone full details. Please let me know if you have any questions.
March 13, 2019; 6:43pm EDT
Marc Sorbello Ken...any interest in doing awards at The Village Tavern in Marcellus? Spoke to the owner and he’d be willing do do some food for us if you’re interested. If you want his contact info let me know. May be a good option for the 9 Mile event in June too.
March 15, 2019; 11:23am EDT
Ken Crane Marc, Thank you for the offer. For this event its a little too far out of the way and most people leave directly after the event. However for 9m it is a possibility and we can talk at the Skan comp more. Thanks!!!
April 1, 2019; 9:41am EDT

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