Andy Leakey How do you want to be paid? The pay now button doesn’t appear to be working.
February 20, 2023; 8:03pm EST
Jason Piccola +1 to Andy's comment above. Getting an error when I try to pay.
February 20, 2023; 8:03pm EST
Joe Dehnert Yeah, pay now takes me to a blank page page currently.
February 20, 2023; 8:04pm EST
CHRISTOPHER KRYSCIAK Yep, same here. Also, just a heads up, was planning on coming down with a friend for this but it looks like he wasn't able to get in in time, I will confirm if he still wants to come down for the weekend but if not I may end up withdrawing.
February 20, 2023; 8:05pm EST
Geoffrey Butia I will send an email out with pay pal link and more information this week. Working out some bugs. Thank you all for registering!
February 20, 2023; 8:09pm EST
Todd Kreikamp Confirming the payment link is not working
February 20, 2023; 8:09pm EST
Tom Emmons Christopher, I'd suggest having your friend register to get on the wait-list. Just in case someone drops etc.
February 20, 2023; 8:22pm EST
Geoffrey Butia Still waiting on payment from a handful of anglers. I sent emails with PayPal info to emails provided by flycomps. We need payment by 5pm Friday March 3rd so we can begin filling spots from the waitlist. If you did not receive emails please contact me with correct contact info. is the PayPal and also my email
February 28, 2023; 9:47am EST
Ashley Wilmont Hi Geoff, can you please list an address or coordinates to the meeting location? There are a few parking lots on Shiloh Road.
March 6, 2023; 11:19am EST
Tom Emmons Hi Ashley,

Meeting Location:
40°50'59.4"N 77°48'45.2"W

We will get a beat map with parking locations included out to registered anglers by the end of the week.
March 6, 2023; 11:55am EST
Sam Rutkowski Hi, I doubt it but are there any openings for this event? If so Id be interested in competing. Thanks
March 12, 2023; 8:17pm EDT
Tom Emmons Hi Sam, sorry we are currently full for this comp. You are more than welcome to join the waitlist though. We plan to host some more comps in the future, so please keep an eye out.
March 12, 2023; 8:23pm EDT
Sam Rutkowski Thanks for quick response. I don't see where I can sign up, I wanted to sign up for the Syracuse area event in April>
March 12, 2023; 8:33pm EDT
Tom Emmons Not a problem, there is a tab at the top of each event that says "Registration". Every event has a specific time when registration becomes open.

If you want, you should be able to register for this event since the open registration time/date has passed. It would add you to the waitlist.

You are not able to register for the Syracuse comp until the specific time set by the organizers, noted under the same "registration" tab. I would suggest if you are interested to register immediately at the time specified. Registration times can change, be sure to check events frequently that you're interested in.
March 12, 2023; 8:45pm EDT
Sam Rutkowski I see it now, Thank you very much.
March 12, 2023; 8:48pm EDT
Adam Korman Hey all since I was to slow to reg. would it be ok to show up and take some pics and watch a bit?
March 13, 2023; 10:03pm EDT
Adam Korman Hey all since I was to slow to reg. would it be ok to show up and take some pics and watch a bit?
March 13, 2023; 10:03pm EDT
Tom Emmons Hi Adam, absolutely you're more than welcome to.
March 13, 2023; 10:56pm EDT
Joe Dehnert Great comp all! Had a blast, and nice meeting everyone.
March 19, 2023; 7:13pm EDT
Tom Emmons Agreed! Was nice to meet everyone, hope to see you in the future!
March 19, 2023; 8:25pm EDT
Tom Emmons These are really awesome! Thanks again for sharing!
June 12, 2023; 12:32pm EDT

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