Ken Crane 2-3 weeks. Waiting on 2 other behind the scene details to formalize.
March 31, 2018; 5:55pm EDT
Caroll Brown Spring creek in PA or NC?
April 4, 2018; 9:26pm EDT
Nick Bell hey Ken when is the exact date for this comp?
June 8, 2018; 8:24am EDT
Scott Brown Ken - any team codes for sign up? It may just be me again this year, but trying to get some of my team mates to join. It's tough when you are old and have no friends
June 14, 2018; 11:02am EDT
Ken Crane Ill get registration going next week!
June 14, 2018; 11:03am EDT
Ken Crane Info posted and team pre sales issued. Public registration opens July 2nd.
June 27, 2018; 9:38am EDT
Scott Brown Any codes for DD?
June 28, 2018; 6:59am EDT

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