Petr Sekac no-fish-period:::April 18???
April 27, 2021; 6:24pm EDT
Ken Crane Oops. I will update it to June 20th.
April 27, 2021; 7:03pm EDT
Carolyn Emery Who and where do I make my payment to?
May 17, 2021; 11:33pm EDT
Ken Crane No one yet. Once the permits have been approved and public registration opens then payment link will go live.
May 19, 2021; 12:03pm EDT
Michael Lindner Any more recent news on this one?
June 3, 2021; 4:19pm EDT
Ken Crane Still awaiting permits. I moved registration back 1 week as a result. We should get them sometimes next week and I will call to follow up as well.
June 3, 2021; 4:47pm EDT
Jason Piccola New to comps. Am I to assume that the term "Masters" means age 50 or older for this event?
June 7, 2021; 1:14pm EDT
Ken Crane The name was originally meant to play on the golf tournament "The Masters". Spring Creek Masters was the master of spring creek if you will. So any age can sign up!
June 8, 2021; 2:24pm EDT
Ken Crane Permits Update:
Permits have not been approved yet but after speaking with PFB on 6/9 they confirmed they are awaiting the final signatures and they see no issue with getting those. If anything changes we will inform everyone.
June 9, 2021; 3:18pm EDT
Ken Crane Permits approved.
June 14, 2021; 2:56pm EDT
Daniel Harajda Sorry for the dumb question, new to this site and how things work. How does the whole waitlist thing work? I sent payment since it says I was registered...didnt know I was too slow and only made it on the waitlist.
June 14, 2021; 8:07pm EDT
Ken Crane Dan, no worries. I sent an email with full info and refunded you already. If we can get you in then we will reach out direct to get your squared up. Thanks for your interest!
June 14, 2021; 8:54pm EDT

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