Chris Chapman Hey everyone, would love to fish this comp. Anybody looking for a partner?
August 23, 2021; 12:40am EDT
Clinton Hymer Chris Chapman I need a partner let's fish it
August 25, 2021; 4:39pm EDT
Chris Chapman Clinton, sounds good man. I'll register tomorrow morning.
August 25, 2021; 8:25pm EDT
Chris Chapman Clinton, I am good to go for the comp. I don’t need to register since you already have. Drop me a text and let me know if you have already paid or if I need to. 919-609-3008 Looking forward to it man
August 26, 2021; 10:24am EDT
Lewis Hirsch What are the no fish rules
September 13, 2021; 8:49pm EDT
Tyler Cornett Fishing is open below the white church. Trophy is closed to pre fishing.
September 14, 2021; 7:18pm EDT
Tyler Cornett The no fish period starts tomorrow 9/15.
September 14, 2021; 8:53pm EDT
Brandon Russell Is the PayPal link working?
September 17, 2021; 6:44pm EDT

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