The Hatch Camp Stonedfly Classic


10 2 man teams raising money for Project Healing Waters.  Hosted by Team Georgia Competitive Fly Fishing Team.  This will be the first comp on Hatch Camp and Art Farm.  Swag and prizes will be available for top placers.  Music to follow and food (for cash) will be available on site.

Price of admission will be $140 per 2 man team.  Registration will open 3/15.  Payment deadline is 4/1.  PM me for add/drop requests after that.


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Elijah Ellis I agree with Daniel, it needs to be live.
April 15, 2019; 10:00am EDT
Thomas Perrie By "live draw" we mean that we're snagging all the good beats (along with fish).... JK. It's a small tournament and we have familiarized ourselves with the water so that we can set beat draws as fairly as possible. We are going to do a live drawing the morning of the comp (out of a hat). Meeting time and place will be announced shortly along with rules.
April 15, 2019; 10:40am EDT
Stuart Schmidtke No problem! No real preference on our end. Was just trying to help people out by not having to get there as early by taking care of the draw during the week.
April 15, 2019; 11:21am EDT
Stuart Schmidtke COMP DETAILS:
-There will be a Facebook Live draw on the Team Georgia page at 7pm EST on Wednesday, April 17th for beats. We will be drawing names out of a hat for fairness sake. Fly Comps will be updated on Thursday with the draw results in addition to the Team GA F.
-A copy of the draw results and tournament schedule will be issued to each team the morning of the comp.
-All anglers will need to arrive by 7:30am on Saturday morning. Please check in with Chris Abellana when you arrive. Any arrivals after 745 will result in disqualification from the tournament at the discretion of tournament leadership.
-Sessions will last 90 minutes with 30 minutes between each session. Lunch will be from 11:30-1:00pm.
-B Flight will be in charge of carrying the clipboards and scoring trays ALL DAY.
-Each angler during a session will have their own judge. That means that judges will turn in a score sheet for each angler at the end of each session.
-Judges will be stationed on one side of the stream at the angler’s discretion. Judges can cross the stream one time per session if the angler requests it. Judges can remain in the stream on the designated side if there isn't an adequate shoreline in the beat.
-All trout caught legally will be scored. Any trout smaller than 15cm will be scored as 15cm.
-Fly Notes: No brown pellet flies. Eggs are allowed unless venue states otherwise. We will confirm via Fly Comps on Friday or during our morning huddle the day of the comp. Streamers are allowed. Single hook only, no articulated streamers. Barbless hooks only. Any flies in question need to be reviewed with tournament leadership during the morning huddle.
-Rig Notes: Total length of rig should be no longer than twice the length of your rod. I.E. 10' rod can have a maximum rig length of 20'. 20" minimum between each fly in your rig. Maximum of 3 flies in your rig.
-Venue Notes: Parking details will be sent out via Fly Comps on Friday night. Please bring your own lunch or cash for the Jamaican Food Truck. Please also bring cash for the post comp concert if you are planning on attending.
-Awards ceremony will start at 5pm.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact Chris Abellana via phone or text at 404-388-0666.
April 15, 2019; 10:33pm EDT
CHRIS ABELLANA NO LIVE DRAW during the morning of comp.

Live Draw will be done via Facebook, on Wed night. See above post for details.
April 15, 2019; 11:26pm EDT
Joseph Kwolek How good is this stream with rain? There seems to be a bunch coming in Thur/Fri? Will we know before Saturday am if the river will be fishable?
April 16, 2019; 11:26am EDT
Stuart Schmidtke We’re monitoring the rain closely this week. Chris and I will be there on Friday at lunch time to check the status of the stream. We will notify everyone Friday afternoon on whether it will be fishable for Saturday.
April 16, 2019; 11:43am EDT
CHRIS ABELLANA We are definitely monitoring the rain situation. Right now, the forecast calls for .25 in rain for Friday. And for Saturday - cool and cloudy (high of 50/low of 37) with winds gusting to 15mph. Make sure you bring your cold weather and rain gear this weekend.

Don't forget, the Live Draw is TONIGHT at 7pm on the Team Georgia FB page!
April 17, 2019; 10:43am EDT

Angler meeting 7:30 am Saturday.
April 18, 2019; 12:14pm EDT
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