Boats and Hose Mini


1 day event on 6/25/22

Mexico Beach, Florida

SEFFL custom scoring.

Shore and watercraft allowed. Each angler allowed to count up to 3 of the legal fish entries for combined scoring.  Bank sessions will be confined to 50yd sections of beach and anglers may wade within their designated beats to access water and fish. 

All anglers will measuer and photo fish caught for scoring. 

Fish will be measured, and photo'd with specific dated tapes on the day of event.

1st session starts at 7am and ends at 9am

2nd session starts at 930am and ends at 1130am 

The session times cover both sides of tidal transition.  

max of 3 fish from each species added to score

3 tiers of fish.

TIER 3: 20pts each

Ladyfish- no multiplier

Pinfish- no multiplier

Spanish Mackerel- no multipler


TIER 2: 40pts

Pompano- 2x multiplier

Sea trout- 2x multiplier

Snapper- 2x multiplier

King Mackerel- 2x multiplier

Red Fish- 2x multiplier

Black Drum- 2x multiplier

Jack Crevale- 2x multiplier

Black Drum- 2x multiplier

Gulf Striper- 2x multiplier

Bonita- 2x multiplier


TIER 3: 60pts

King Mackerel- 3x multiplier

Cobia- 3x multiplier

Tarpon- 3x multiplier

Sharks (any species)- 3x multiplier

Bull Red- Over 24inches- 3x multiplier






1 - 1 6/25/2022 7:00am - 9:00am
1 - 2 6/25/2022 9:30am - 11:30am
2 - 1 6/25/2022 12:00pm - 2:00pm
2 - 2 6/25/2022 2:30pm - 4:29pm


Lewis Hirsch I assume this is not land based?
Also any fly restrictions?
March 17, 2022; 3:13pm EDT
Benjamin VanDevender No fly restrictions. Right now it is boat format only. But I am working on a bank and kayak format to be integrated.
March 17, 2022; 9:57pm EDT
Benjamin VanDevender Angler /Points / Session 1 / Session2
Nick- 780 pts 3xPompano, 2x Redfish, 1xSnapper : 660pts: Placing 1 / 1x Sea Trout, 1xWhiting: 180pts
Joseph- 560Pts 3x Blacktip, 2x Snapper: 220pts : Placing 3 / 3x Whiting, 3x BlackTIp, 1xDrum: 340pts
Heather-580pts 3x Blacktip, 1x whiting:220pts : Placing 3 / 3x Blacktip,1x Bonnet, 3x Whitg: 360
Kevin- 460pts 1x Sea Trout, 1x sail cat: 180pts : Placing 4 / 3x Whitg, 3x Blacktip, 1x Snap: 280pts
John-720pts 1x Snapper, 2 seatrout: 360pts : Placing 2 / 2x Whitg, 1x Snap, 1x lady, 1shark: 600
Hope- 160 1x Blacktip: 60 : Placing 7 / 1x Blacktip, 1Snap: 100
Bob- 320 1x Snapper: 40 : Placing 8 / 1x BullRed, 1x Whitg, 1x Blacktip: 280
Ben- 360 2x Whiting: 80 : Placing 6 / 3x Blacktip, 1x Bluefish, 1x Bont:280
Randy- 0
Mark Adams- 0
June 25, 2022; 3:26pm EDT
Benjamin VanDevender 1st John 3
2nd Heather 4
3rd Joe 5
4th Nick 8
5th Kevin 8
6th Ben 10
7th Bob 12
8th Hope 15
9th Randy 20
10th Mark 20
June 30, 2022; 8:03pm EDT
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