Michael Bradley can someone tell me how to pay?
March 20, 2016; 8:20pm EDT
Ken Crane Looks like you already did but for anyone else there will be a "Pay Now" link next to your name which takes you to the payment information screen. Click the big yellow "Pay Now" button to complete the PayPal transaction. As always feel free to reach out for assistance!
March 21, 2016; 8:35am EDT
Ionut Cotinghi Hi Ken, Any no fish policy in effect? What's the practice water, if any? Thx
April 5, 2016; 10:52am EDT
Scott Berrett When do you need payment for the Olympic Training Center lodging? Would also like to know about proactive water? Thanks!
April 21, 2016; 1:29pm EDT
Dawson Forbes Hi Ken. What about water temps ? who is responsible for taking temps ?
June 3, 2016; 6:13am EDT

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