Wilsons Creek Clean Up


Team Nymphmaster in conjunction with "A Cleaner Wilson's Creek", Betsye's Ole Country Store, and Masternymph, present...........

The Wilson's Creek Clean Up  two man team competition March 23rd.  Registration will open Monday Jan 21st  @10 am.  Registration fees will be due no later than March 9th and will be $80 per team.  

Two man teams will fish and control a 1 day event on the DH water in Mortimer, NC.  Standard South Eastern Flyfishing League rules will apply, with FIPS scoring and a ABBA format.

Teams will fish together, scoring all (trout) First, Second, and Third place will win prize money.  Big fish prize will be 1 10' 7wt Masternymph Bellator  All remaining proceeds will go to the ACWC fund. The venue holds Stocked Brook, Brown, and Rainbow trout, with some Wild Brown and Rainbow.

Anglers will meet at the Store and beat draw will be done on Flycomps.

Lunch will be avaliable for purchase from Betsey's Ole Country store, with proffites going to the ACWC.

Contact Brandon Harrison via Facebook messenger.

 This event will be capped at 22 teams.  I will not add another 2 spots unless I can be sure the extra beats are quality..


If you are interested in volunteering or being an even sponsor please contact Brandon Harrison or Wes Waugh w/ A Clean Wilson Creek.


1 - 1 3/23/2019 8:30am - 10:00am
1 - 2 3/23/2019 10:30am - 12:00pm
2 - 1 3/23/2019 2:00pm - 3:30pm
2 - 2 3/23/2019 4:00pm - 5:30pm


Beats will be marked Sat 3/9. After getting feedback from anglers I will accept any help or on site opinions on the beats from any team. I'm going to make this as fair as possible. I intend to attempt a FlyComps draw and have a plan to have it witnessed as one draw by multiple team reps. If this fails we will draw from a hat the morning of and work it out. Sessions 1 and 3 will be hard starts.
The Registration fee is due Sat, if you haven't paid by Monday morning I will drop all who haven't paid and repost the event link on facebook. After that we will work on a first pay first served to hold any remaining spots.
If you don't have pay pal you can send a check to me. If that's the case, contact me immediately and I will get you my mailing address and a bit of time for the mail man.
Rules: Some of us have fished competitions for years, and these rules aren't new, but for any new competitors, these rules explain how a competition generally works. Someone can explain any of these Saturday morning.
No minimum fish size, No pellet flys of any kind. Brown and round is a pellet.
We will allow judges to cross the river, but fish must be measured at the bank with the controller on dry ground. This is the only way to be fair as everyone's wading isn't equal and some judges may not feel comfortable.
Fish must be hooked forward of the Gill Plate (This is the judges call so unhook fish in front of your controller).
Single Hook Barbless (articulated streamers are allowed as long as they have 1 hook and he barb is mashed).
Suspension nymphing with any device attached to the leader will not be allowed.
Flies must be 20" (50cm) apart when freely hanging.
Snagging fish will be a immediate disqualification of that fish and may be a disqualification from the comp. The fish is up to the controller, the day will be up to League reps. Don't do it!
No bait, or substance not tied to a hook by means of thread will be allowed. (floatant and sealant are the exceptions to this rule)
Split shot or other added weight is not allowed. (I may make an exception to this rule the morning of, but it will be agreed on by a show of hands.)
All fishing must be done with a fly rod, and fly reel, utilizing fly line.
I think that covers everything we need, I'm basing this on current FIPS Rules with a few exceptions like fly size.....bead size....articulated streamer....

If anyone has questions or comments please make them here.
March 7, 2019; 9:20am EST
Michael Fusco I did pay. But it still shows pay now option. Just dont want to get the boot. Thanks for having us as a fun group. Cant wait to meet you all.
March 8, 2019; 7:46am EST
BRANDON HARRISON I’m marking those as paid as I get notification from the admin.
If you used the link and it made a donation to the ACWC your good. He generally lets me know in a day or less
March 8, 2019; 7:49am EST
BRANDON HARRISON I’m marking those as paid as I get notification from the admin.
If you used the link and it made a donation to the ACWC your good. He generally lets me know in a day or less
March 8, 2019; 7:49am EST
Shawn Isaacs Some people have ask what time do we need to show up and where are we meeting?
March 15, 2019; 4:37pm EDT
We will likely have to adjust fishing schedule accordingly.
What ever we decide we will still have a hard start.
March 15, 2019; 7:25pm EDT
BRANDON HARRISON Beat Draw will be done tonight.
7:30 ish.

Hard start at 8:30
Meet at Bruce’s Deck at 7am
March 22, 2019; 2:18pm EDT
BRANDON HARRISON Betsey's Ole Country Store
Search for this spot
8395 NC-90, Collettsville, NC 28611
March 22, 2019; 2:21pm EDT
BRANDON HARRISON Scores have been entered, corrected based off the cards.
We found 2 mistakes.
If anyone has a descrepancy and wants to send me a picture of their copy of the card we will address it.

Thanks for all who helped and fished. We will plan to do the event next year.
March 24, 2019; 4:09pm EDT
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