Jonas Champlain Any chance the registration date could be reconsidered? The registration is during the Lower Deschutes mini.
March 6, 2023; 11:38pm EST
Chris Casciola Yes, that is completely my fault. I updated the reg date to the following monday the 27th. Good catch. Apologize for that.
March 7, 2023; 1:39am EST
Chris Casciola Hey all… i am trying to keep all registrations uniform from comp to comp but a few people have emailed me asking to adjust the comp registration time to early evening due to not being able to step away from work during day which is completely fair. I do not want registration time to be a blocker to anyone signing up.

That said, in addition to moving date… im going to adjust the time to early evening so that no one has tk worry about work conflicts. Thanks all!
March 7, 2023; 11:05am EST
Hann Lee Christopher Smith, please email me, Hann, at We need to send you some information that others have already received. Thank you.
April 4, 2023; 11:29am EDT

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