ALEX Daniel Does it have to be a two man team?
May 7, 2021; 10:24am EDT
Shawn Isaacs Alex I think so for now. Hoping to get more people signed up.
May 7, 2021; 10:22pm EDT
Shawn Isaacs Im thinking I can get more people to enter as a individual tournament. If so we will do up to 20 individuals at $25 each. Several have asked but anyone else thinking of doing it as individual please let me know so I can make a decision. If this would make a team not want to fish please let me know also. Just trying to get a full tournament and raise some $ for New River Conservancy.
May 9, 2021; 11:31am EDT
Shawn Isaacs paypal
May 9, 2021; 1:55pm EDT
Shawn Isaacs We plan on leaving this a team event. We will meet at Zaloo’s fly shop at 7am and Hope to start the first session at 8am.
May 14, 2021; 1:52pm EDT

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