Crane Prarie

Crane Prarie is 4960 acres when full. Trees previously boarding the Quinn, Deschutes and Cultis rivers were left standing and now occupy about 10% of the reservior. It has produced more big trout than any other body of water in Central Oregon. Rainbows are stocked and grow up to 2 inches a month during the summer. Largest can reach 19 pounds with most ranging between 14 to 18 inches. It also has a self sustained poplation of brook trout. website:

North Twin

South Twin

South Twin Lake is stocked consistently with fingerlings to legal sized trout. The average size is 10-14 inches with 18 inches being common. The 120 acre lake has a maximum depth of 55 feet. For best results use sinking lines or sink tip lines and size 10 and 12 dark nymphs. Including Hare's Ears, Twin Lake specials and dark leech and streamer patterns. Nymph fishing is good all day around the edge of the lake. Make sure you try the shallows around the campground. The best fly hatch usually occurs mid-day. Website: