Jonathan Patten Apologize, I had to withdraw due to work requirements.
November 16, 2021; 4:10pm EST
Roger Wilson Please pay your entry fees or make arrangements with Casting Carolinas by this Thursday to avoid being dropped from the registration.
November 16, 2021; 6:54pm EST
April Drake where and when is the draw
November 18, 2021; 4:50pm EST
Robin Lewis We will do the draw tomorrow evening around 7 pm in Lansing. Tony and I will be there to do it and post it.
November 18, 2021; 8:03pm EST
Scott Asbill Draw is up. Please meet at red barn at 7:00 am (Lansing Creeper Park) on big horse creek. We fish big horse creek first on Saturday and then fish Helton after lunch.
November 19, 2021; 6:29pm EST
Shawn Isaacs Guys beat 2 on big horse we decided before the draw to take it out. If you fish or judge 2 it is actually beat 6. This is on big horse only.
November 19, 2021; 7:38pm EST

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