Chattahoochee River Mini (Along Bowmans Island)


This will be a Team USA Mini at the Chattahoochee River along Bowmans Island.




General Info:

  • Competition on Sunday July 8th
  • Registration opens Sunday, June 23, 2024; 7:00pm EDT
  • There is no Event Fee for this competition, however, you must purchase a Fly Fishing Team USA membership within 24 hours of your registration confirmation. Please WAIT TO PURCHASE the membership until you've secured a spot in the comp as it is first come first serve and there's no guarantee you'll get in. The membership is good for one year from purchase date. The membership can be purchased at the top of the Fly Fishing Team USA page
  • Life preserver or Coast Guard Approved PFD is REQUIRED (You will not be allowed to fish in comp if you fail to wear one, NO EXCEPTIONS!)
  • Comp will be capped at 12 anglers
  • There are restrooms onsite and Cell Service throughout
  • Meeting time, Session times, and Days of comp may change due to release and will know for sure on Friday July 6th with announcements posted. Please keep updated on fly comps and FB messenger group.
  • $5.00 Parking Permit required per Corps of Engineers (Automated Machine at entrance)
  • 34.156677,-84.079922 is the parking and meeting spot. This is the main gravel parking area by boat ramp. 
  • Georgia State Trout License is required:
  • Fishing is off limits from sunset July 1st until comp starts Saturday morning
  • If you register and cannot make the competition for whatever reason please drop the event and comment on the event that you cannot make it and contact Nick Schierle. Any drops within a week of the event is subject to punishment. 


  • Will be done the evening before or morning of. Will be posted on this page as a comment along with comp FB Messenger group.

Competition/Fishing Rules:

  • FIPS/Mouche rules
  • Sessions start and end on time NO EXCEPTIONS (We will know the official release schedule on July 6th and will adjust comp as neccessary)
  • No minimum size requirement
  • The angler must show the judge visually the fish he/she caught to score the fish. 
  • To minimize risk of the judge, the judge may be on the bank/trail/etc. to visually confirm fish catch 
  • The angler may ask the judge to cross the beat to a better vantage point only if the judge is comfortable with the water conditions (Please be respectful on both sides)
  • If you hear a siren, get out of the water IMMEDIATELY (We will address any unscheduled release as soon as we can)
  • It is highly recommended that you have studded felt soles on your boots. Out of state felt boots should be washed prior to comp. If you are a beginner wader, this river is extremely slick and has dropoffs. Water is crystal clear however.
  • Judges must meet anglers at BOTTOM of beat, no exceptions. Once you meet you can go wherever you like on the beat.
  • At the end of the last session of the day you and the judge MUST remove beat markers
  • Scoresheets must be completely filled out. Failure to do so will invalidate session results. It is highly recommended to take a picture of your scoresheet as well. 
    • Angler Name
    • Controller Name
    • Beat # (The number of the beat angler is fishing)
    • Sector (Along Bowmans)
    • Flight (A or B Flight of angler)
    • Session (After A flight fishes that is session 1A, and then B flight fishes that concludes session 1B, etc.)
  • All scoresheets must be handed to Nick Schierle or John Oh DO NOT LEAVE COMPETITION WITHOUT GIVING SCORESHEETS.
  • Scores will be prelimarily announced as soon as possible. 


  • Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout are the allowed scorable fish (Chubs aren't common and Large Red Horse Suckers are the only other fish caught but rare)


  • Plenty of Hotels and Air Bnb's in Cumming/Buford/Sugar Hill. Camping or RV camping also available on Lake Lanier right above Buford Dam RSVP required.
  • Suburban location so great to bring the family or significant other and explore the area (Top Golf, Pickle & Social Pickleball, Andretti Indoor Karting, Mall of Georgia, North Georgia Premium Outlets all ~20min away) along with Atlanta being a ~45min drive away. 


  • John Oh & Nick Schierle

***Any questions regarding a rules violation must be marked on scoresheet and be brought to the attention of the competition committee as soon as possible (John Oh or Nick Schierle)***


1 7/07/2024 8:00am - 10:00am
2 7/07/2024 10:30am - 12:30pm
3 7/07/2024 2:00pm - 4:00pm
4 7/07/2024 4:30pm - 6:30pm


Nicholas Schierle Good evening everyone!
I created this chat because y’all are registered for the Chattahoochee River Mini above or along Bowman’s island comp this weekend.

Below I attached the competition map. All comp water will remain closed until the comp but practice water marked in green is open.

Altered rules:

Signature is REQUIRED after every fish or else the next fish will be disqualified.

Your judge can cross once if the Judge is comfortable wading.

The middle spine of the river will be considered the far bank(Judging area) on Saturday and same for the Island on Sunday.

The far spine(across the island) will rename closed for the whole comp.

1 fish = 1 point

No “3 pointers” when netting fish. Will clarify during anglers meeting.
July 7, 2024; 7:16am EDT
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