Nicholas Schierle Good evening everyone!
I created this chat because y’all are registered for the Chattahoochee River Mini above or along Bowman’s island comp this weekend.

Below I attached the competition map. All comp water will remain closed until the comp but practice water marked in green is open.

Altered rules:

Signature is REQUIRED after every fish or else the next fish will be disqualified.

Your judge can cross once if the Judge is comfortable wading.

The middle spine of the river will be considered the far bank(Judging area) on Saturday and same for the Island on Sunday.

The far spine(across the island) will rename closed for the whole comp.

1 fish = 1 point

No “3 pointers” when netting fish. Will clarify during anglers meeting.
July 7, 2024; 7:16am EDT

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