Joe Dehnert When will registration open for this event, and will it be available on flycomps?
March 27, 2018; 8:52am EDT
Roger Wilson Ben is registration for this event and the Gold Cup event both in the same night?
August 30, 2018; 4:41pm EDT
Benjamin VanDevender Thanks Roger I updated the reg date for GC. My oversight
August 30, 2018; 4:50pm EDT
Benjamin VanDevender Guys will need payments for the Championship by October 31st 2018 for deposit for Fern Valley
October 8, 2018; 11:12am EDT
Benjamin VanDevender Fyi if you have not sent reg fee in by 10/31/18 @11pm. You will be removed from the registration list.
October 24, 2018; 11:06am EDT
Benjamin VanDevender K guys have several unpaid anglers I will be removing after work today
November 1, 2018; 6:17am EDT
Joseph Kwolek I will pay shortly. Too much partying last night and forgot. ;)
November 1, 2018; 7:14am EDT
Benjamin VanDevender Anyone who had not paid or has not contacted me about an extension until Next Friday has been removed. Those with an extension will be removed after the discussed date. Anyone that has been removed can re-register when they can make payment. Will ONLY increase field in groups of 4 from her on out to a cap of 20 two man teams. So there are 2 spots that can be currently filled that will guarantee an angler a spot.
November 2, 2018; 10:31am EDT
Ryan Peck Hey Ben, I just registered for Ryan. Can you please contact me with payment information
November 13, 2018; 12:25pm EST

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