Joe Dehnert When will registration open for this event, and will it be available on flycomps?
March 27, 2018; 8:52am EDT
Roger Wilson Ben is registration for this event and the Gold Cup event both in the same night?
August 30, 2018; 4:41pm EDT
Benjamin VanDevender Thanks Roger I updated the reg date for GC. My oversight
August 30, 2018; 4:50pm EDT
Benjamin VanDevender Guys will need payments for the Championship by October 31st 2018 for deposit for Fern Valley
October 8, 2018; 11:12am EDT
Joseph Kwolek I will pay shortly. Too much partying last night and forgot. ;)
November 1, 2018; 7:14am EDT
Ryan Peck Hey Ben, I just registered for Ryan. Can you please contact me with payment information
November 13, 2018; 12:25pm EST
Carolyn Emery Is this a one or two day event?
December 13, 2018; 7:21am EST
Robin Lewis Crazy question but any spots left?
December 13, 2018; 9:48pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender I believe I have 1 team spot left ill confirm tomorrow
December 13, 2018; 9:53pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Guys please see the below for updates as they pertain to competition.

BFlight will have the score trays Saturday and take them everywhere you go. A FLight will have them Sunday.
Saturday- Sector Judge Helen- Ben Vandevender 7705579064
Saturday Sector Judge- Fern Valley- Mark Adams
Sunday Sector Judge Helen- Mark Adams
Saturday Sector Judge Fern- Ben VanDevender

Draw will be posted soon. You will report to your designated venue by 7am or before if you need to rig and be ready to fish. Fishing will Start at 8am sharp.
December 20, 2018; 7:25am EST
Benjamin VanDevender With the impending forecast please be advised that a call will be made by Friday at noon about canceling or rescheduling the comp. Forecasted for 2 inches of rain over Thursday and Friday. If so the river will be unsafe and the event will not be able to be held.
If the event is cancelled I will work in distributing refunds on Monday Dec 31. If enough interest to reschedule I will get thst going too.
December 24, 2018; 7:32am EST
Zachary Davis Thank you for that info. Currently looking like 2 inches +/- on Thursday and Thunderstorms with about an inch Friday...Only time will tell.
December 25, 2018; 7:27pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Yea its looking very bleak. Waiting to hear back from the owners at Fern b4 I make the call.

Who all is down for a reschedule
December 26, 2018; 7:40am EST
Zachary Davis If it comes to that Brad and I are down.
December 26, 2018; 8:16am EST
Joseph Kwolek We are in for a reschedule
December 26, 2018; 9:37am EST
Benjamin VanDevender If we rescheduled what would work best for the majority? 1/5 and 1/6 or 2/23 and 2/24
December 26, 2018; 10:29am EST
Daniel Ladlee I’m probably in for rescheduling, 1/5, 1/6 is good for me
December 26, 2018; 10:42am EST
Thomas Perrie I would like to reschedule for sure, but I would have a hard time doing the 5th/6th as I'm hosting a hunting trip that I can't reschedule.
December 26, 2018; 10:44am EST
Thomas Perrie I would like to reschedule for sure, but I would have a hard time doing the 5th/6th as I'm hosting a hunting trip that I can't reschedule.
December 26, 2018; 10:44am EST
Robin Lewis Jan 5-6 will work for myself and Bayton Bird.
December 26, 2018; 10:52am EST
Zachary Davis Just talked to Brad. February is good.
December 26, 2018; 11:06am EST
Zachary Davis But also, whatever works for everyone else.
December 26, 2018; 11:07am EST
David Reeves Can probably do either, prefer February
December 26, 2018; 3:44pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Event has been rescheduled for February 23,24 2019
December 26, 2018; 6:35pm EST
John Oh If anyone needs a partner I'm down!
December 26, 2018; 7:41pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender After a vote by the team reps. Not only will this event close out the 2018 leaderboard, it will also be the second event to earn points for the 2019 season. It will be a 3x multiplier for the 2018 season, but only a 2x multiplier for the 2019 season.
December 31, 2018; 12:42pm EST
Levi Watson Ben,
I’m interested in the open single spot if it’s still available.
January 3, 2019; 11:43am EST
Benjamin VanDevender Sounds good. Just register solo for me if u would
January 3, 2019; 11:45am EST
Benjamin VanDevender Guys if you are signed up, with please get me the rest of your entry fees or you entry fee if you a new signup by February 8th 2019
January 22, 2019; 1:17pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender dont plan to have an anglers meeting the night before guys. Anything that needs to be covered can be covered the morning of. Again at Fern, no eggs or pellt flies, streamers allowed of any single hook barbless configuration. Eggs Are allowed on the Chattahoochee River, just not at Fern on the Soque.
I will be up Friday afternoon if anyone is interested in dinner and me going over anything for the event the night before just hmu and will make it happen.
February 4, 2019; 10:14am EST
Joseph Kwolek Are they going to stock the hooch?
February 5, 2019; 11:20am EST
Benjamin VanDevender Last stocking for hooch was 1/5/19. Do not know of any other stockings.
From historical data from events like frozen wader thunder, and helen winter minis there are fish in every beat during nom stocked months and many transient fish from smith dh just up stream
February 5, 2019; 11:22am EST
Nicholas Schierle That map you posted for the upper Chattahoochee, are those numbers the areas were we suppose to park for each beat?
February 11, 2019; 8:00pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender The numbers are just to designate the beat numbers. I also added beat descriptions. There are parking areas near or at all beats.

The morning of each day anyone fishing the helen sessions will meet at beat 1 parking lot behind the waterpark.
February 11, 2019; 8:20pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender The numbers are just to designate the beat numbers. I also added beat descriptions. There are parking areas near or at all beats.

The morning of each day anyone fishing the helen sessions will meet at beat 1 parking lot behind the waterpark.
February 11, 2019; 8:21pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender For fern everyoe will need to park at fern. The upper parking is designated for anyone who arrives solo, and the parking at the house is dedicated to carpools
February 11, 2019; 8:22pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender As always I and Glad at Fern are watching the forecast. Had several folks message me. She already had blocked off 3/2 and 3/3 for a makeup date in case of another ow out. These dates have been on the event info page for the event as well.
February 14, 2019; 8:59pm EST
Robin Lewis Just let us know in enough time to cancel rooms...
February 14, 2019; 9:23pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Id be confident on Tuesday night. If you need to know sooner message me directly
February 14, 2019; 9:25pm EST
Robin Lewis Wednesday is good.
February 14, 2019; 9:27pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender k. Questions:
1. Who all would be able to make the 3/2 or 3/3 alternate date listed in event info IF the planned venues were unfishable?
2. who would prefer to keep the date and utilize Smith DH as the backup venue?
3. who would like to do both.
Please respond to all questions so I have as much info as possible when making decisions.
February 15, 2019; 8:29am EST
Roger Wilson I cant do the 3/2 or 3/3 date. Besides that, at this point I am convinced there is no other type of weather in Helen GA than rain lol. We have a 7 day cancellation notice with our lodging selection, so if a decision is not made by today (and I know that would be hard to do), we are in for fishing the DH portion of Smith.
February 15, 2019; 8:48am EST
Brandon Russell I won't be able to fish 3/2 & 3/3.
February 15, 2019; 9:02am EST
David Reeves I am not available 3/2
February 15, 2019; 9:26am EST
Daniel Ladlee I’m down for whatever. But, at this point if you don’t get things poppin’, other tournaments are coming. And I’m sure they’ll be more rain. IMO, if 3/2 and 3/3 are fishable (weather/water levels), takes it when you can gets it. Just saying.
February 15, 2019; 10:32am EST
Joseph Kwolek I am pretty sure that Team TroutRaider can make 3/2. We can also fish the DH as well if needed, but not preferred.
February 15, 2019; 11:29am EST
John Oh I personally am not available on 3/2 or 3/3, heading out of state. I would be down with Smith's DH as a backup, the rain should keep the crowds away. One potential problem I see is that many teams would be split up with a date change and it might be a headache just pairing individuals up after the fact and having enough time planning lodging, etc. for the newly created teams. Can't control the weather though so I will agree with whatever decision you make Ben!
February 15, 2019; 11:53am EST
Benjamin VanDevender k, after talking it over with several folks, and our comp committee. We are going to stick with the original dates, and if we have to use Smith DH as a back up we will. If the original venues are fishable we will utilize them.
IF we have enough folks that can and want to fish the following weekend as an event I will put that together as well. I will add a tentative event on fly comps with those dates that anyone available can sign up for. Anyone who can not fish those dates, just dont sign up for that event.
IF we end up utilizing Smith Creek DH instead of Fern I will refund each 2 man team 110.00 of their 180.00 registration fee for the event. Team Prizes, Big Fish Prize, Medals, Trophies came out of the other portion of everyones registration fee. ANYONE signing up to fish 3/2 your registration fee will stay to pay for your access to Fern Valley.

IMPORTANT: IF Smith DH is used each angler must sign in and obtain a permit at the Unicoi Lodge checkin office. Sign in is located at the first desk as you walk in the main glass doors to the lodge under the veranda. A state park pass must also be on your mirror for the vehicle. Those are 5.00 per vehicle. Parking is somewhat limited so I would HIGHLY suggest carpooling to the parking area for Smith Creek DH.
February 15, 2019; 12:30pm EST
Ben Green I’m all for riding it out. If need be I can make 3/2 work but I can wear floaties!!!
February 15, 2019; 1:09pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender youll need more than floaties if you hop in the soque higher than that last session of the Gold Cup...
February 15, 2019; 1:10pm EST
Ben Green Haha I have rope!!
February 15, 2019; 1:15pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Draw:

Flight - Saturday : Sunday Angler Team

A1 - F1 J1 J3 F5: J1 F3 J3 F5 Roger Wilson Nymph Master
A2 - F2 J2 J1 F4: J2 F5 J5 F4 Michael Yelton Stonefly
A3 - F3 J3 J2 F1: J3 F4 J4 F2 Austin Shoemaker Dead Drift
A4 - F4 J4 J5 F2: J4 F1 J1 F3 Robin Lewis
A5- F5 J5 J4 F3: J5 F2 J2 F1 Chris Abellana Team GA

B1 - J1 F3 F5 J5: F1 J1 F3 J3 Brandon Harrison NymphMaster
B2- J2 F4 F1 J1: F2 J2 F5 J5 Brad Zawisilak
B3- J3 F5 F2 J2: F4 J4 F1 J1 Richard Carbon Team GA
B4- J4 F2 F3 J3: F3 J3 F4 J4 Forrest Johnston Team NC
B5- J5 F1 F4 J4: F5 J5 F2 J2 Ben Green Team DD

C1- F5 J5 J5 F3: J1 F3 J3 F4 Ricky Ozmar Team Dead Drift
C2- F1 J1 J4 F5: J3 F5 J5 F2 Joseph Kwolek
C3 - F4 J4 J3 F2: J2 F4 J4 F5 Daniel Ladlee
C4 - F3 J3 J2 F1: J4 F1 J1 F3 Thomas Perrie Team Ga
C5- F2 J2 J1 F4: J5 F2 J2 F1 Michael Bradley Team NC

D1- J1 F3 F5 J5: F1 J1 F4 J4 Levi Watson/ John Oh /Dead Drift
D2- J5 F1 F4 J4: F5 J5 F2 J2 Brandon Russell
D3- J4 F2 F3 J3: F4 J4 F3 J3 Nicholas Schierle
D4- J3 F5 F2 J2: F3 J3 F1 J1 David Reeves Team GA
D5- J2 F4 F1 J1: F2 J2 F5 J5 Lewis Hirsch

A,B Flights will start at Fern Propper Saturday - Fish Helen Sunday
C,D Flights will start at Helen Saturday- Fish Fern Propper Sunday

If Smith DH is implemented:
A,B flights Will Start on the upper half of the DH, then Switch to the Lower half of the DH
C,D flights will Start on the lower half of DH, then Switch to the upper half of the DH.
February 17, 2019; 11:03am EST
Benjamin VanDevender If I left off anyones root team (ie stonefly, nymphmaster, dd, nc, ga) please let me know
February 17, 2019; 11:06am EST
Benjamin VanDevender K guys I've had some complaints on the draw not being done the day of the event. SO...1. We had teams that needed to be seperated so no team had to compete against themselves in a flight more than needed 2. The event is scheduled with 2 venues 13 miles a part and folks need to know where they would be fishing to show up to on saturday morning since there is no Friday Anglers meeting.

My goal was an end of year event that reflected both types of events both in format and venue style for a final event. JFJF / FJFJ Format means all team scores will reflect them having fish ALL FOUR session times
February 18, 2019; 7:00am EST
BRANDON HARRISON I would like to discuss on Friday evening, maybe we can all get a bite somewhere close Friday?
I'll message you Ben, super busy lately so looking forward to a good comp.
February 19, 2019; 1:22pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Brandon I will be up there Friday for anyone that would like to grab some grub etc. I will be marking beats at 4pm back in Helen that evening. Feel free to message me directly. I know several folks locally are just coming up Saturday morning.
February 19, 2019; 1:27pm EST
Jeff Wright Hey guys, just confirming again that comp will happen. Sorting out lodging as we are 6 hours away. Thanks!
February 20, 2019; 12:17pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Yes we are a go. Please check back here Friday on any update for venue change due to high water. The highwater back up venue is listed in the previous comments as is the draw
February 20, 2019; 12:19pm EST
Jeff Wright Got it, thanks for the quick reply!
February 20, 2019; 12:34pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender UPADATE:
Soque is definitely out for saturday and id say with 80% probability out for Sunday. I will let Glad and Marty at Fern make that final call to me on Saturday afternoon.

So... We will be utilizing Helen beats and Smith DH beats.

Flights A,B will meet at the Smith DH parking area after signing in at Unicoi Lodge for their DH permit.
Flights C,D will meet at the Riverside Park on Edelweiss Street(cirlced in blue on the sector section of this comp) before heading to their beats in Helen.
EDIT: No intention of any flight fishing a venue the other flight does not fish. I have been running comps since 2009. In all that time 2 events have had a weather issue for the second day where Flights did not fish the same venues and to be fair that one event was changed to 2 seperate events and I paid for seperate trophies and awards for the other flight group.
February 21, 2019; 9:47am EST
Daniel Ladlee Shouldn’t everyone have to fish the same venues? Meaning, if fern is out on on Saturday it needs to be out on Sunday also. Just my opinion, I’d like to know what other people think
February 21, 2019; 12:43pm EST
BRANDON HARRISON ☝️☝️This would make fish points invalid.
Good point Levi
February 21, 2019; 12:47pm EST
BRANDON HARRISON ☝️☝️This would make fish points invalid.
Good point Levi
February 21, 2019; 12:47pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender You are correct Daniel. I should have gone into more detail there.

IF and right now this is a big IF it looks like Soque is dropping fast enough which IMO it is not and will not, and it looks that way to make that call Friday. Then there would be a venue switch at lunch on Saturday. after the first two morning sessions. THat way everyone would have fished both venues Saturday. These venues are very close together too so a switch would be easy. IMO this is all Hypothetical, I am just trying to be respectful of Glad and Marty at Fern for allowing us to host competitions there and reserving the days on the calendar.

I myself and very confident that we will not be fishing Fern with the flow and drop rate I am seeing right now. I do not believe Fern will be fishable until Monday at noon based on the data and trends I have seen.

I should have clarified more. No intention on anyone fishing a venue that would contribute to their score that another flight did not also fish. That is indeed unfair.
February 21, 2019; 12:49pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Unicoi State Park address for lodge:
1788 Ga-356 Helen,Ga

To get to Smith Dh when leaving the lodge, take a right onto 356, and take the very next right (there is a small sign that says trout stream) next to the gray rangers house.

For anglers that will be in Helen on their designated day will meet at the riverside park on Edelweiss Street just upstream of North Ga BBQ.

Anglers need to be in the parking area by 7am Each day, session start at 8am. That means anglers needing to check in at smith need to do so in time to be ready to fish in their beat by 8am.
February 21, 2019; 6:10pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender At this time All Anglers will be fishing Smith DH. With some people messaging me dropping. Any angler who is dropping please let me know. Usually drops have a penalty of 2 placing points at next event. This will be waived for this event for any drop.
The event will take place tomorrow at Smith DH. You must sign in at Unicoi Lodge, you must get a start park parking pass as well.
Refunds of 115.00 will be issued Tuesday

Beats are marked. I fished each caught fish in each today
February 22, 2019; 4:12pm EST
Daniel Ladlee What were they eating
February 22, 2019; 6:58pm EST
BRANDON HARRISON Sz26 wd40 midge in the film if hes being honest.....
February 22, 2019; 7:07pm EST
Peyton Bodo How many people are fishing?
February 22, 2019; 9:25pm EST
Peyton Bodo Is their going to be a redraw for tomorrow. Also is their a big fish prize.
February 23, 2019; 5:07pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender See everyone bright and early at smith tomorrow again. Good fishing everyone
February 23, 2019; 10:16pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Just a heads up guys the team standings at the top do not designate team placing...its calculating that thinking each team has same number of competitors in each flight. I cant get it to turn off. I used team function so i could easily transfer points to team leaderboard on the seffl page. Hope this clears up confusion.
Example Forrest is only member of team NC fishing therefore has lowest total placing points putting them in first, while some teams have 4 and 5 teammates adding their total placings keeping them lower.
February 23, 2019; 10:30pm EST
CHRIS ABELLANA I want to say a huge Thank You to Ben for putting this event together. The weather before the comp definitely presented challenges, but everyone stepped up, nobody was injured, so all in all, a great event.

Congrats to Forrest Johnston/Martin Dietz on winning the event!

Congrats to Team Dead Drift on a first place team finish for the 2018 Inaugural Season of the Southeast Fly Fishing League!

I look forward to seeing some of you at the Team Georgia event on April 20. Registration opens up (for 10-2man teams) on March 15.

See y'all soon,
Chris Abellana
February 25, 2019; 10:28am EST

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