Chattahoochee River Helen,Ga

Chattahoochee River Helen,Ga


Beat 1- Lower bridge behind the Flea Market waterpark to the Bridge by NorthGa BBQ on corner of Edelweiss Strasse

Beat2- From the bridge at corner of Edelweiss Strasse and NorthGa BBQ to the top of city park on the river off Edelweiss Street

Beat3-From Top of City Park on Edelweiss Street to the bridge crossing of Edelweiss street by the Helen Festhalle

Beat 4- From bridge on Edelweiss at Festhalle to the the parking lot across from the Riverbend Motel on River street.

Beat 5- From the small parking lot beside the gas station next to Cool RIver Tubing on Northside of town, to the Alt 75 bridge above the Flea Market.

Smith DH Lower

Below footbridge below the water treatment pond.

Awards Ceremony

The award ceremony will take place at the Helen Riverside Park circled in blue on Edelweiss Street in Beat 2 of the Helen Beats.