Gold Cup Championship


Clarkesville, Georgia

1/15 -1/16/2022

Rain Makeup day 

1/22- 1/23

20-24 2man teams

FIPS 2013 rules with SEFFl modifications allowing use of articulated single hook streamers and coneheads.

$350 per two man team (non refundable)

Toons or Tubes will be used for Lake Vogel.( Life Jackets are mandatory, and each anglers responsibility) working on providing toons for anglers.

*any angler utilizing a toon for a session that does not belong to them will have the toon and session recorded for record keeping so that the toon owner knows who used their toon/tube.  Please be courteous and honest for the generosity of the anglers allowing everyone to utilize their toon/tube during a session. Please report any damage. 

Championship event at Fern Valley, The Meadows, Tallulah River, and Lake Vogel

 Awards Ceremony Sunday night at 8pm following final scoring. 

Registration opens November 15th, 2022.   Half registration due by November 30th, Other half by December 30th.  Pay options include venmo, and paypal. 

paypal:  (please use friends an family when sending)




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Brayton Bird Teammate - Jacob Brewster F3 West
November 15, 2021; 8:44pm EST
Chase Turner Teammate- TJ Ritch F3 West
November 22, 2021; 6:00pm EST
Bruce Blevins teammates- Will Blevins and Blake Hall
November 22, 2021; 6:10pm EST
Scott Asbill Scott Asbill and Johnathan Jordan
November 23, 2021; 7:23pm EST
Joseph Kwolek Joseph Kwolek & Josh Kwolek
November 24, 2021; 12:12pm EST
Shawn Isaacs F3 East Teammate Lawson Braun
November 24, 2021; 8:15pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Please pay via friends and family with PayPal unless u include the fee in your total, venmo w no fee.
November 30, 2021; 10:21am EST
Roger Wilson F3 West Teammate Michael Yelton
November 30, 2021; 9:39pm EST
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