Kevin Crenshaw Team mate - Korean Jesus. I like my women like my fly fishing team, DD.
November 15, 2021; 6:55pm EST
Brayton Bird Teammate - Jacob Brewster F3 West
November 15, 2021; 8:44pm EST
Chase Turner Teammate- TJ Ritch F3 West
November 22, 2021; 6:00pm EST
Bruce Blevins teammates- Will Blevins and Blake Hall
November 22, 2021; 6:10pm EST
Scott Asbill Scott Asbill and Johnathan Jordan
November 23, 2021; 7:23pm EST
Joseph Kwolek Joseph Kwolek & Josh Kwolek
November 24, 2021; 12:12pm EST
Shawn Isaacs F3 East Teammate Lawson Braun
November 24, 2021; 8:15pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Please pay via friends and family with PayPal unless u include the fee in your total, venmo w no fee.
November 30, 2021; 10:21am EST
Roger Wilson Teammate Chris Chadwick
November 30, 2021; 9:39pm EST
Peyton Bodo Michael Yelton
December 9, 2021; 11:05am EST
Benjamin VanDevender After much discussion and several anglers besides myself testing the beats. We have decided to remove the Tallulah due to low fish numbers and severely Beaty water. There will be 2 sessions on lake Vogel and 1 session on fern and another on Meadows.
December 10, 2021; 11:31pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Lake Sessions:
Each angler may utilize a framed toon (has a seat above the water, or a float tube/toon(seat is at water level. ) Toons and tubes are being provided at the generosity of Team DD anglers for anglers who do not have their own.

Waders are worn while in the toons/tube. Kick Fins and or oars are legal to utilize for movement during the session. Each angler must maintain at least 30 ft distance between each angler while fishing. While moving to and from a location you do not have to maintain distance away from the angler. If you cut across an angler that is actively fishing (cut in front of their line to move to a spot you will recieve a warning and the second time the largest fish on your score sheet will be deducted.)

Judges will be stationed at central locations in the lake and anglers must move to the judge not the judge move to the angler. You are allowed to fish around the judge.

Have had a few questions on how the lake sessions are formatted and some folks have seemed to thought that you are wet while sitting in a toon/tube.

*If you are a larger than average angler please provide your own or borrow a life jacket as they are mandatory.
December 13, 2021; 1:44pm EST
Kevin Crenshaw So glad we have the lake session. Adds a fun competitive element needed in the southeast to compete with the other regional lake anglers.
December 13, 2021; 1:49pm EST
Shawn Isaacs What about a jon boat for the lake sessions? No motor and like one that fits in the back of a truck bed.
December 13, 2021; 8:19pm EST
Shawn Isaacs Prob harder to move around but for someone who can’t swim I would feel safer.
December 13, 2021; 8:21pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender After discussing with the SEFFL BOD we are approving any non motorized manual powered watercraft an angler wishes to provide for themselves . A jon boat, framed raft, kayak, canoe, toon, tube. Watercraft must be moved via oars or kick fins, and can not be under propulsion when fishing. Drogues can be used for the event if one wishes as well. If you have any questions, feel free to message me or email me.
December 13, 2021; 8:50pm EST
Nicholas Pfendler What email should I contact for situation specific questions? Or is the comment section the best spot?

December 13, 2021; 10:06pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender can only increase the field in groups of 4. This maintains that the flights are even.
December 17, 2021; 8:34am EST
Benjamin VanDevender Please get me your other half of payment by no later than this coming Friday 1/7/22
January 3, 2022; 1:08pm EST
Carolyn Emery What considerations/alterations are being considered due to the new variant of the Covid=19 virus. My partner has dropped out due to it and I will be checking with my medical team for guidance and/or permission to participate in this event.

If I am going to remove myself from the Gold Cup please use my registration fee to donate to the beneficiary this year as the 2021 US Women.s Fly Fishing Team (USWFFT) I am one of six initial members selected for the inaugural team.
Thank you
Carolyn Emery
January 3, 2022; 4:32pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Anglers will be required to utilize a mask/face covering when presenting fish to be judged or judging a fish where close contact takes place. Any common areas anglers will need to have their face covering on when passing other anglers and moving beat to beat. Any gathering outside of the beats/parking areas/firepit are voluntary and as such a face covering is recommended and encouraged but not required. A mask does not have to be worn while you are fishing, but must be pulled up and utilized when presenting fish to the judge.
January 5, 2022; 8:10am EST
Benjamin VanDevender Anglers Meeting and Draw:

Friday January 14, 2022

730pm at Soque River Outfitters 159 WALLS COMPLEX CLARKESVILLE GA 30523

If unable to make this it will be availabe on facebook live and results and draw posted here and on facebook event page.
January 6, 2022; 9:14am EST
Shawn Isaacs What date for the draw?
January 6, 2022; 10:11am EST
Benjamin VanDevender Fly Restrictions: As usual at Fern and Meadows, no dark eggs (no brown, beige, cream, white, tan, black) Any mop less than less than 1inch from bead of hook to tail of fly will be considered an egg and subject to the same color restrictions. If over 1inch from bead to tail, it can be any color including the colors banned for eggs.

Streamers: as usual seffl rules allowing single hook articulated streamers with cone heads and lead/chain eyes are allowed.
January 10, 2022; 8:55am EST
Nicholas Pfendler Ben,

Just wanted to make sure you got my email from Thursday.

January 10, 2022; 3:53pm EST
Nicholas Pfendler Ben,

Just wanted to make sure you got my email from Thursday.

January 10, 2022; 3:53pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Got your email and responded. Can u unregister for the event since you are dropping
January 10, 2022; 5:12pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Winter Weather UPdate and Changes for the event!!! READ IMMEDIATELY!!!!
Due to the winter storm coming in Saturday night/Sunday morning the event will be held Saturday Only at two private water River Venues.
Fern Valley on the Soque and Motaluce Vineyards in Dahlonega. These Venues are 45 minutes apart and there will be a 1hr 15minute lunch switch for anglers to switch VENUES. You must make it to your next venue in the designated time and start fishing at the allotted time. Failure to do so will not allow any made up time.
This change was done to ensure that each angler got to fish the private waters before inclement weather would foul up the event, and being so late in the week and close to the event no one could reschedule or get refunded for their lodging.
Address for each Venue is below:

Fern Valley On The Soque- 3946 Highway 197 N, Clarkesville, GA 30523
Montaluce on the Etowah- 501 HighTower Church Rd, Dahlonega, Ga

Awards to follow last session at Soque River Outfitters at 7pm
January 12, 2022; 5:59pm EST
Lewis Hirsch If anyone needs a partner due to the changes please let me know.
January 12, 2022; 7:29pm EST
January 14, 2022; 4:24pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Montaluce important info: screen shot this.

Off Hightower Church Road
Enter Montaluce (Via Toscana) Follow that tip it turns into Via Montaluce
Goto the (Round about) and stay straight on Strada De Vino
you will be passing the Winery/ Restaurant on the hill to your left, follow Strada De Vino all the way down the hill and park in the field.
(Phone service is good at the Winery/Restaurant
January 14, 2022; 10:01pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender *The Draw handouts that Big T did up had Flight D last session incorrect. Please see below.
Michael Yelton caught the error.
Draw: A and B flight fishes Fern then Montaluce/ C and D Flight fishes Montaluce then Fern

A1: Scott Asbill F1 J1 F2 J2
A2: Jacob Brewster F2 J2 F3 J3
A3: Lewis Hirsch F3 J3 F1 J1

B1: Joseph Kwolek J1 F3 J3 F2
B2: Shawn Isaacs J2 F1 J1 F3
B3: Will Blevins J3 F2 J2 F1

C1: Ricky Ozmar F1 J1 F2 J2
C2: Peyton Bodo F2 J2 F3 J3
C3: Dave Braun F3 J3 F1 J1

D1: Roger Wilson J1 F3 J3 F1
D2: Thomas Perrie J2 F1 J1 F2
D3: John Oh J3 F2 J2 F3
January 14, 2022; 10:11pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Addresses Again:
Fern Valley On The Soque- 3946 Highway 197 N, Clarkesville, GA 30523

Montaluce on the Etowah- 501 HighTower Church Rd, Dahlonega, Ga
January 14, 2022; 10:18pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Session 1: 8am to 10am
Session2: 1015am to 1215pm
Switch venues
Session3: 130pm to 330pm
Session4: 345pm to 545pm
January 14, 2022; 10:52pm EST

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