Grapes of Wrath III


Marh 9

20 registration spots

100.00 per two man team

Management has opened and stocked an upper portion of the property not yet used in any event, and we will use the lower portion as well.

Etowah River at Montaluce

Funds will go directly to Management at Montaluce for stocking for the event and for the veterans fly fishing group. 



No sectors added yet


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Benjamin VanDevender Event has been changed to a one day event due to interest.
February 2, 2024; 5:04am EST
Gabe Colon Registered but Need a partner. Also how do we submit payment? Still pretty new to the whole thing.
February 4, 2024; 4:12pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Need payments sent in asap. Please send payments via venmo to Benvan77 to secure your spot
February 18, 2024; 10:46am EST
Michael Opels @Benjamin VanDevender - can I still sign up for this event?

@Gabe Colon - I'll partner with you and split cost if you are still needing partner.
February 18, 2024; 3:37pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Yes still a spot open. May want to email or fb gabe
February 18, 2024; 3:37pm EST
CHRIS ABELLANA Partner: Stuart Schmidtke
February 20, 2024; 5:38pm EST
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