Benjamin VanDevender Event has been changed to a one day event due to interest.
February 2, 2024; 5:04am EST
Gabe Colon Registered but Need a partner. Also how do we submit payment? Still pretty new to the whole thing.
February 4, 2024; 4:12pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Need payments sent in asap. Please send payments via venmo to Benvan77 to secure your spot
February 18, 2024; 10:46am EST
Michael Opels @Benjamin VanDevender - can I still sign up for this event?

@Gabe Colon - I'll partner with you and split cost if you are still needing partner.
February 18, 2024; 3:37pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Yes still a spot open. May want to email or fb gabe
February 18, 2024; 3:37pm EST
CHRIS ABELLANA Partner: Stuart Schmidtke
February 20, 2024; 5:38pm EST

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