Loch and Wade Madness 2019


December 7,8 2019

This is a 2day event, individual competition.

This event will be limited to 16 anglers.

$20.00 registration via ppal to thegeorgiafly@hotmail.com

All anglers must supply their own tube/kayak/toon and life jackets for the lake session, you can coordinate signing up with someone to use theirs.


Registration opens on Wednesday 11/6/2019 at 6pm


This event will be great practice for those USA Regional Lake sesssions, and practice for the Championship sessions on the Tallulah. 


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Benjamin VanDevender 2 judges in the water. 1 score keeper on land. Fish will be landed and taken to 1 of 2 measures. Then score will be called out to score keeper on land.
November 11, 2019; 7:37pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Multi species scoring will take place as well per seffl rules
November 11, 2019; 7:38pm EST
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