Benjamin VanDevender 2 judges in the water. 1 score keeper on land. Fish will be landed and taken to 1 of 2 measures. Then score will be called out to score keeper on land.
November 11, 2019; 7:37pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Multi species scoring will take place as well per seffl rules
November 11, 2019; 7:38pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender unpaid registered anglers will be removed from the registration list on Saturday 11/ 23
November 18, 2019; 10:06am EST
Randy Seller To all anglers fishing in this comp. due to the extreme wind that has a tendency to hit Vogel, we're allowing anchors to be used on the lake venue
November 26, 2019; 3:37pm EST
Lewis Hirsch What day are we fishing each sector
December 3, 2019; 10:42am EST
Randy Seller As of right now, Saturday is clear, and Sunday's 75% chance of rain. If that stays constant we'll fish Tallulah Saturday. I will keep you posted in the next couple days, we might switch due to weather.
December 3, 2019; 11:35am EST
Randy Seller Lewis and all others. Based on the forecast we are fishing Vogel on Saturday and Tallulah on Sunday. This decision will not change.
December 5, 2019; 4:14pm EST
Randy Seller If everyone can get there around 7ish. The first session will be starting at 8!!! Stoked!! See y’all then!! Yeew!
December 5, 2019; 4:34pm EST
Benjamin VanDevender Lake draw will be done the morning of to coordinate boats for everyone for each session.
December 6, 2019; 10:22am EST
Benjamin VanDevender Draw-
A1 Randy Seller F1J1 F3J3
A2 Forrest Johnston F2J2 F5J5
A3 Jacob Brewster F3j3 F1J1
A4 Ben Green F4J4 F2J2

B1 Lewis Hirsch J1F3 J3F4
B2 Austin Shoemaker J2F4 J4F1
B3 John Oh J3F1 J1F2
B4 Hunter Wright J4F2 J2F3
December 6, 2019; 11:03am EST
Benjamin VanDevender Lake Sessions Standings from Saturday:
Session1: AFlight
1 John Oh (tie)
1 Hunter Wright (tie)
4 Randy (blank)
4 Lewis (blank)

Session 2: BFlight
1 Austin Shoemaker
2 Ben Green
4 Forrest Johnston (blank)
4 Jacob Brewster (blank)

Session 3: AFlight
1Randy Seller
2 John Oh (tie)
2 Hunter Wright (tie)
2 Lewis Hirsch (tie)

Session 4: BFlight
1 Austin Shoemaker
4 Ben Green (blank)
4 Forrest Johnston (blank)
4 Jacob Brewster (blank)

Total placings lake day

2 placing points Austin SHoemaker
3 placing points John Oh
3 placing points Hunter Wright
5 placing points Randy Seller
6 placing points Lewis Hirsch
6placing points Ben Green
8 placing points Forrest Johnston
8 placing points Jacob Brewster

River scores will be added tomorrow evening. River scores added and can be seen in the scores tab. Cumulative placing points between both venues derive the winner.

1st Austing Shoemaker 4 placing points
2ndHunter Wright 7 placing points
3rd John Oh 9 placing points
4th Jacob Brewster 10 placing points
5th Ben Green 10 placing points
6th Randy Seller 12 placing points
7th Lewis Hirsch 14 placing points
8th Forrest Johnston 16 placing points

The above standings are correct based on the Flight draws being different for each day but unable to seperate that into the fly comps scoring module. The fish numbers and break down are correct in Flycomps
December 10, 2019; 10:23pm EST

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