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This 12 team partners comp will be held on the South Fork of the Holston River on November 25th. The meeting location will be along the river enter the property at 1505 South Fork Road Marion, VA. Held on two sections of the river one private section consisting of three beats. And a public section consisting of three beats that is approximately one mile from the meeting place. All beats will be clearly marked. Anglers must provide their own transportation.

Only trout will be measured and scored. We will use a zip tie method.

Fips-mouche rules with the exception of squirmies to be used.

Lunch will be provided at private section.

Meeting time will be 6:00am.

Fee: $150 per team must be paid in full one week prior to event. Only one person from your team need to register. Please include your partners name in the comments. If less than 12 teams register then we will only use private water.

License: Virginia nonresident/resident trout fishing/ state freshwater fishing and national forest permit.

Medals for the top 3 teams

Meeting Address is 1505 South Fork Rd, Marion VA 24354

Venmo @Kellie-Vernon-2 Last 4  1354



1 - 1 10/24/2023 7:00am - 9:00am
1 - 2 10/24/2023 9:30am - 11:30am
2 - 1 10/24/2023 12:30pm - 2:30pm
2 - 2 10/24/2023 3:00pm - 5:00pm


Shawn Isaacs Seth if Alex is your partner then one of you need to drop. Only one needs to register. Thanks!
November 14, 2023; 6:37am EST
Brent Hall We got it Austin. Thanks
November 19, 2023; 9:03am EST
Zach Northern Update. Partner; Michael Yelton
November 19, 2023; 5:55pm EST
Mark Greer What time is the draw?
November 23, 2023; 10:49pm EST
Shawn Isaacs Mark im planning to do the draw at 6 today.
November 24, 2023; 7:07am EST
Mark Greer Sounds good
November 24, 2023; 12:21pm EST
Shawn Isaacs Session times will change. I can’t seem to edit them but so we are not fishing at dark we will start at 7 and finish at 5. Everyone needs to be there at 6am.
November 24, 2023; 5:54pm EST
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